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Manulift in a Few Words


Manulift and Merlo quickly became #1 in Canada. 

Our pan-Canadian expansion has propelled us to Quebec City, Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and everywhere else via our network of 26 dealerships. 

The most demanding companies are now our customers.  

Our growth is thanks to our transparency in true cost price and operational gains that many others do not publish. Our mission is to offer optimal solutions to our customers. It is thanks to our 40 years of experience, which began with the establishment of Skytrak® in 1972, and our attentive listening to customers, that we understand what brand would offer them the most. Our pride is that today, even the most reluctant thank us for helping them achieve optimal performance. 


Manulift is known for its huge investment in after-sales support and its specialization. With us, the customers secure their productivity. Manulift is the opposite of generalists who invest the minimum in after-sales support (5% in telescopic). It says a lot that several manufacturers want Manulift as a distributor, but only Merlo meets our requirements.


Telehandler's History in Eastern Canada Evolves with Manulift EMI's

In the 70's, Mr. Jean-Yves Drolet founded Manulift EMI and put impressive efforts to make SkyTrak telehandlers known and to change working methods in the construction industry. It was a true revolution and 10 years after its launch, Manulift had become the most successful SkyTrak distributor with nearly 100 new units sold each year.

Towards the end of the 90's, Mr. Drolet's son became shareholder bringing a new dynamic vision based on the company's growth. His first realization was to diversify the operations by launching a new rental department. Therefore, the fleet went from 15 units to 150, including Snorkel high performance manlifts offering 15 years life time expectancy and low operation cost. To this day, the fleet has more than 400 units making it the largest in Canada and amongst the top 15 in North America.

In 2004, Manulift became the Canadian distributor of the prestigious Merlo Italian brand (after several years of negotiation). These innovative telehandlers of high quality and high productivity were immediately successful with the entire Manulift's territory.

Since 2009, Manulift has begun an impressive expansion plan at a national level by establishing a network of dealers, from coast to coast.

Today, in addition to being involved in every trade of the construction industry, Manulift EMI allows to increase productivity in several industries such as agriculture, mining, municipalities, yards and industrial sectors. In fact, with more than 4,000 units delivered, we are targeting nothing less but the country leader's position.

Helping the Community

In addition to reinvesting a large portion of our revenue in local and national economy, we support several charity organizations such as Children's Wish foundation, Moisson Montréal, Walk for Cancer, youth sports teams, etc.

Manulift's Management Team truly believes that we are treated as we treat others. Therefore, we are always very generous with these types of organizations.

Our Facilities


100, d'Anvers St, St-Augustin,

QC G3A 1S4
  606, Lionel-Boulet Blvd, Varennes, QC J3X 1P7   3084, Harrison Court, Burlington, ON L7R 3X4   111, Center Street SW, Langdon, AB T0J 1X2
Tel : 418 878-5424   Tel : 450 652-5550   Tel : 905 315-8881   Tel : 403 936-8668
Fax : 418 878-5425   Fax : 450 652-5559   Fax : 905 315-7128   Fax: 403 936-8662

To answer the growing demand in telehandler needs and to offer a quality support to our customers, Manulift is constantly expanding owning to this day three state of the art branches.

Because telehandler is our only market, everything at Manulift is ultra specialized: from tools to the team and our $4,000,000 parts inventory.  Therefore, we can deliver incomparable service to our customers.

Furthermore, for areas where Manulift does not have a facility, you can rely on our growing dealer network, throughout Canada, for service near you.

Telehandler Market

Popularity of telehandlers in Eastern Canada is directly related to Manulift's efforts and this growing demand attracted four types of competitors, wishing to take advantage of this prosperity.

Regarding telehandler, there are no norms or certifications governing quality for long lasting and satisfying performance. It is then not logical to base selection criteria on price alone. As a specialist, it is our role to inform you of these types of distributors present in this market.

Manulift EMI

Our 40 years of experience has proven to us that only specialization can lead to excellence. When we decided to focus our operations on telehandlers alone, we knew we had to dedicate ourselves to the market by offering high quality products with certified and trained team of technicians; this was the only way of performing and assuring our future. Our sales representatives were no longer just selling; they then became telehandler advisers using our knowledge to suggest productive models adapted to more productive work methods.

According to many, Manulift has the best of both worlds; delivering a personalized service while having all the benefits of national heavy equipment dealers. Who else owns 35 telehandler courtesy units to minimize its customers' production loss in case of a breakdown or major maintenance ?

Low Volume Dealers

With modest facilities and restricted non-specialized teams, they usually distribute an unknown or a low quality brand that they include in their stock of numerous machines and other lifts. With the aim of minimizing operation costs and to increase profits, they have a very low parts inventory, do not own performing diagnostic tools and do not offer courtesy units. In case of breakdowns, support is limited and causes long delays during which you have to rent or use less productive work methods.


These companies, made of opportunists, are always looking for the most profitable market but never dedicate themselves to it.  Once in a while new units are imported, even if they don't have Canadian certifications; exposing their customers to seizure and legal problems. Therefore, in the majority of the cases, they offer low quality used equipment bought at the auction and/or at the end of its life expectancy, with no history available. Esthetical specialists, they will embellish these units for a better profit margin. Furthermore, they are not aware of manufacturers' recalls, series to avoid, forged odometers (70 % of units sold at auction).

National Rental Centers

Companies present at the stock exchange with a business plan dictate unit rotation every five years in addition to minimal investment and maintenance. Therefore, they only require technicians with little to no experience or certification; lowering fixed costs and increasing shareholders' satisfaction.

Due to their vast buying volume, manufacturer designed models correspond to their needs: low price acquisition capable of performing with minimal maintenance for the first five years. To avoid the explosion of repair cost, after five years, and because of their business plan, they overload the auction market; freeing themselves of any responsibility at the same time.

With the only goal of pleasing the shareholders, units are rented an average of eleven months per year and with no use restrictions. It is even possible to switch units between Southern United States (12 months/year) and Canada (8 months/year) to regulate operation hours.

National Heavy Equipment Dealers

Even if they represent large and known companies, they are not specialized in telehandlers. They treat customers like a number, according to procedures and policies, regardless of the customer's specific needs.

They own a large inventory of machines, parts and rental units, but surprisingly very few telehandlers since this market is not their priority. Furthermore, their technicians do not have any training about this type of product.

Large Rental Fleet

Manulift owns the largest rental fleet of telehandlers and manlifts in Canada, with more than 400 units, and is amongst the North American top 15. Made up, only, of our three brands Merlo, SkyTrak and Snorkel, the fleet regroups more than 60 different models maintained accordingly with manufacturers' norms. With our 40 years of experience, we are able to identify brands offering the lowest operation costs, the best ROI and maximum productivity to our customers: only those ones have the standards to be in our fleet. It is then not surprising that we are the choice of small and large entrepreneurs regardless of the size of their projects.

Thanks to our unique business plan, it is possible to use our new unit inventory from the sales department, if we need to, for our rental fleet in order to answer the needs of our customers.


Manulift cares about your productivity; in addition to owning the right equipment, we strongly believe that the operator should master the machine and work in a safe way. This is why, in partnership with professional trainers, we have developed several operational and lifting handling classes specially designed to our products.

Training is available for groups or individuals, on site or at our facilities. They include a theoretical part as well as a practical one.

Even though training for telehandler loader operators are not mandatory, governmental organizations, manufacturers and employer associations strongly recommend them.

For more information or to schedule of next training, contact us !

Become a Partner

Do you have what it takes to become a Merlo dealer ?

Since 2009, Manulift has begun an expansion plan throughout Canada by establishing a Merlo dealer network. Already several businesses recognized potential market for the telehandler in their area and took this exclusive business opportunity. They now take advantage of a highly productive product with a growing demand in a large and protected territory.

We are looking for:

  • Companies located more than 200 km from a Manulift branch
  • A performing and aggressive sales team with a complete parts and service department
  • An excellent local reputation

We offer continuous training in sales and service as well as support in real time. Opportunities for different product lines (agricultural, ground handling, construction) are still available across Canada. For more information, contact us.

Do you have what it takes to become a Manulift authorized technician ?

Manulift is always looking for independent or satellite technicians to better serve customers in remote areas. We offer continuous training and support in real time.

We are looking for:

  • Company or residence located more than 200 km from a Manulift branch
  • Dedicated to his work, with a good local reputation
  • Excellent knowledge and experience in mechanical, hydraulics, electrical and electronics.

For more information, contact us.