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Arrival of 9 new Merlo P25.6

By:  manulift 
01 August at 02:49PM 

Manulift EMI received in the past month, directly from Italy, more than 25 new Merlo including 9 Merlo Compact 25.6. It represents the largest order of the same model since the introduction of Merlo products in 2004.

With its compact size, its 2,500 kg (5,510 lb) lifting capacity and its 6 m (20') boom, every agricultural trade wants a P25.6 since its launch in 2010. For the poultry and the sheep industry as well as for the nursery industry, it is a true revolution because this model can enter inside buildings and give access to restricted areas, thanks to its small height and frontal reach.

With Manulift's expansion throughout Canada and the continuous growth of its Merlo dealer network, the high demand for machines is not surprising when one knows the fuel and maintenance savings it generates while significantly increasing productivity and safety.


Merlo's success is so important in Canada that the majority of units of the new arrival are sold or shipped to a dealer!

Manulift EMI, with branches in Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City and Alberta, is the Canadian importer of Merlo products. Manulift EMI is proud to offer these innovative telehandler products to Canadian entrepreneurs.

The high demand for the Merlo product is clear with more than 700 units sold in Canada in the last six years. Merlo is the telehandler world leader with pure innovation for 40 years. With 28 units produced every day, Merlo is the most demanded telehandler brand worldwide.

For more information about Merlo's products or regarding Manulift, do not hesitate to communicate with Manulift at info@manulift.ca or to visit their website www.manulift.ca

Jonathan Ledoux
National Marketing Director
Manulift EMI Ltd
Tel.: (450) 652-5550 Ext. 330
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