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Merlo revolutionizes the chicken coop (hen house)

By:  manulift 
02 August at 04:15PM 

The poultry industry in Quebec is going through a technological revolution thanks to Merlo's Panoramic 32.6 telehandler. Since the beginning of this year, Manulift has sold at least one Panoramic 32.6 per month solely in the poultry industry.  This compact telehandler, with a lifting capacity of 3,200 kg (7,000 lb) and a boom of 6 m (20'), makes cleaning and maintenance a lot easier compared to any other machine presently available on the market.

Due to its small size, 6' in height and 14' in length, and its telescopic boom with 360 degree visibility, the Panoramic 32.6 can clean everywhere inside a building.  The new owners have claimed that cleaning times are cut in half due to the rapidity of the P32.6, its short turning radius, its lifting capacity and the powerful bucket.

The  Panoramic  32.6,  like  all  the  Merlo  products,  is  very  versatile;  the  producers  use  it  to  maintain  the buildings, to load truck that are more than 14' tall and for many other handling jobs.

The Panoramic 32.6 is powered by a turbo-charged, 102 hp fuel efficient DEUTZ engine and includes all the  other  characteristics  that  are  exclusive  to  Merlo,  3''  anti-torsion  Ring  of  Steel TM ,  class  1  hydrostatic transmission, 360 degree visibility and many other patented innovations.

Well-known poultry producers such as the farms of Pierre Choinière and Sons, Jean-Guy Ouellette, Mario Bérard and many others have discovered the several advantages of the Panoramic 32.6 and some are even considering purchasing a second one.

Manulift  EMI,  with  branches  in  Toronto, Montreal  and Quebec  City,  is  the  Canadian  importer  of  Merlo products. Manulift EMI is proud to offer these innovative telehandler products to Canadian entrepreneurs.

The popularity of Merlo products has been proven with over 550 telehandlers sold in Canada over the past 5 years. Merlo is the telehandler world leader with pure innovation for 40 years. Today, it produces 28 units a day and is one of the most demanded brands worldwide.




For more information about Merlo's products or regarding Manulift, do not hesitate to communicate with Manulift at info@manulift.ca or to visit their website www.manulift.ca

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