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New Merlo rotative manlift

By:  manulift 
02 June at 08:40PM 

Designed  and  developed  for  the  specific  needs  of  Euro  Disney,  the  Merlo  MPR  15/18  high capacity manlift will soon revolutionize the manlift Canadian industry. Manulift EMI is proud to announce the upcoming arrival of those new models, designed and certified for Canada, for fall 2011.


MPR 15/18 in brief :

  • Speed of 40 km/h
  • Basket with a 1,000 kg ( 2,200 lb) capacity - six people
  • Control/driving from the cab or the platform
  • Height of 15 m or 18 m (50' to 60')
  • Platform rotates on 360°
  • Hydro-pneumatic   suspension   with   automatic levelling
  • Class 1 hydrostatic transmission 

Those  new  manlift  models  were  introduced  to  several  customers  who  immediately  shown interest: establishing the future success of the products. Moreover, they are designed for several industries such as: mining, refineries, seaports, quarries, hydroelectric power plants and airports. 

Manulift  EMI,  with  branches  in  Toronto,  Montreal,  Quebec  City  and  Alberta,  is  the  Canadian importer  of  the  Merlo  products.  Manulift  EMI  is  proud  to  offer  these  innovative  telehandler products to Canadian entrepreneurs.


The high demand for the Merlo product is clear with more than 700 telehandlers sold in Canada in the last six years. Merlo is the  telehandler  world  leader  with  pure  innovation  for  40 years.  With  28  units  produced  every  day,  Merlo  is  the  most demanded telehandler brand worldwide.

For more information about Merlo's products or regarding Manulift, do not hesitate to communicate with Manulift at info@manulift.ca or to visit their website www.manulift.ca

Jonathan Ledoux
National Marketing Director
Manulift EMI Ltd
Tel.: (450) 652-5550 Ext. 330
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