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Merlo : a unique telehandler for a unique project

By:  manulift 
04 March at 10:45PM 

The unique construction project of the hydroelectric complex on the Romaine River by Hydro-Québec is a large-scale  one.  The  complete  project,  going  from  2009  till  2020,  involves  a  multitude  of  phases  each  having  their peculiarities and requirements.

When the project of realizing the bypass tunnel at the Romaine II River was attributed to the company Neilson-EBC, located in St-Nicolas (Qc), they knew that choosing the right equipment would play a major role in the success of this project.
The Project: One bypass  tunnel of 500 m (1,640') length (including a 25 m (82') section  with  concreted  ceiling),  6  m  (20')  width  and  15  m  (50') height.

After examining several scenarios, only one equipment could be selected to fulfill this project: the Merlo Roto 40.25 MCSS, the only rotative telescopic able to rotate inside its own outriggers.
Why Roto was the only option?
  • Covered work zone
The working zone being either under a shelter or inside the bypass tunnel, it is impossible to work with "lifting by suspension" equipment. o  Dimensions and rotation of the Roto Due to the Roto's dimensions (4.5 m (15') with deployed outriggers), the space occupied still allows circulation in the tunnel even when the Roto is at work. Being the most compact on the market,  it  does  not  block  all  the  space.  Furthermore,  the  rotation  eliminates  back  and  forth movements of the machine requiring less space to operate and increasing safety at the same time.
  • Weight of the Roto
To  reach  the  working  zone,  it  is  necessary  to  go  down  a  12  m  (40')  rock  wall.  Only equipments not exceeding the capacity of the bridge crane can take part in this project. Due to its  general  design,  Merlo  is  always  the  lightest  brand  for  an  equivalent  operation  capacity, thanks to its class 1 hydrostatic transmission and the Ring of Steel TM; a steel belt replacing the use of counterweight by an equal distribution of the mass.
  • Concreited ceiling
To realize the 25 m (82') concreted ceiling section, Neilson-EBC's workers have to install suspended coffering and only the Roto 40.25 MCSS allows doing this operation without blocking the entire workspace or requiring additional machinery. Also, the automatic Quick Attach? function, which allows changing attachment without even going out of the cab, accelerates in a significant way the time assigned for every stage.
At  the  beginning  of  the  project,  people  at  Neilson-EBC  had  also  considered  the  possibility  of  working  with  a traditional telehandler, but this option was quickly rejected. Not only a special adapter would have been necessary for  the  installation  of  the  suspended  coffering,  but  having  no  rotation,  working  capacities  were  largely  decreased because of the multiple restricted areas of the working zone.
With its 4,000 kg (9,000 lb) capacity and 25 m (82') of boom  and  offering  45  m  (150')  work  zone  coverage without moving the machine, the Roto 40.25 MCSS is unique  in  its  category.  Economic  in  fuel  and  able  to reach a 40 km/h speed, it has all the characteristics that make  Merlo  famous  (360  degrees  vision,  impressive pulling  and  pushing  capacity,  incomparable  stability, 500 hrs maintenance interval, compatibility with the 90 Merlo attachments, etc.). 
Manulift,  with  branches  in  Toronto,  Montreal  and Quebec City, is an importer of the Merlo products. Manulift is proud to offer these innovative telehandler products to Canadian entrepreneurs. 
The high demand for the Merlo product is clear with more than 700 units sold in Canada in the last six years. Merlo is the telehandler world leader with pure innovation since 40 years. With 28 units produced every day, Merlo is the most demanded telehandler brand worldwide.

For more information about Merlo's products or regarding Manulift, do not hesitate to communicate with Manulift at info@manulift.ca or to visit their website www.manulift.ca

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