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Merlo Roto now useful in ventilation

By:  manulift 
03 December at 12:34AM 

In  business  for  over  20  years,  Refrigeration  Noël,  major  refrigeration,  ventilation  and  air  conditioning contractor in the Quebec City area, saw its efficiency increased as of February 2008. It was at this time that the company started using a MERLO ROTO 40.25 MCSS telehandler on their worksites, which was purchased from the only Canadian distributer, Manulift.

Specialized in conception and production of ventilation and refrigeration systems, Refrigeration Noël used a boom to bring their systems on the roof of the various buildings where they were installing, when it had not been done manually by workers.

Since the MERLO ROTO arrived on their different project sites, capacity has tripled due to the high reach and the lifting capacity, thus improving efficiency on the work sites.  The Merlo production equipment also gives them the opportunity to unload delivery trucks quickly, regardless of weather or the ground condition. Refrigeration  Noël  has  been  able  to  appreciate  their  acquisition  on  sites  like  the  Quebec  City's  Airport, Laval University, St-Charles CHSLD and much more.  The next big project for the MERLO ROTO will be the  305  and  350  Charest  in  Quebec  City,  where  the  8  floor  lifting  capacity  will  be  appreciated  by  the employees, benefiting their employer. 

Many reasons convinced them to purchase the MERLO ROTO instead of any other brand. The main ones were: the 25m (75') telescopic boom, with lifting capacity of 4 000 kg (8 800lb), the tilting cab for complete vision, the flexibility, the workability and the two intelligent risk management systems (MERLin and C.S.S.) insuring the machine's stability and a secure use of the telescopic boom. 

To conclude, Mr. Jean-Paul Alexandre, Réfrégiration Noël President, resumes the advantage of using the MERLO ROTO: "For sure we have spoiled our employees with the ROTO, it would be impossible to go back now".


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Jonathan Ledoux
National Marketing Director
Manulift EMI Ltd
Tel.: (450) 652-5550 Ext. 330
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