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The first Merlo ROTO Classic in Ontario

By:  manulift 
03 December at 10:59AM 

Reimar  Forming  and  Construction's  expertise  include  high-rise  structures,  heavy  industrial equipment foundations to grade walls and expansive slab finishing using a variety of forming systems. Since they are devoted to safety and determined to maintain timely projects of high quality, their equipment has to offer productivity without compromising quality.


When it was time to buy new telehandler equipment, Mr. Mike Martins, President, took his time and chose carefully comparing brands and models. Because it can rotate for more efficiency and most of all because of its reach capacity (frontal reach = 59 ft, height = 69 ft), he ended his search on a Merlo Roto 45.21 Classic. It is very impressive to see such a compact machine accomplish work functions similar to traditional high capacity lifting equipment, thanks to its movement capacity allowing it to always be close to the work area.

With its 10,000 lb capacity, 69 ft boom and offering 100 ft work of zone coverage without moving the machine, the Roto 45.21 Classic is unique in its category. Economic in fuel and able to reach a 25 km/h speed, it has all the characteristics that make Merlo famous (360 degrees vision, full anti-torsion chassis built with the exclusive Ring of Steel TM , Class 1 hydrostatic transmission, compatibility with the 90 Merlo's attachments).

Manulift EMI, with branches in Toronto, Montreal and Quebec City, is the Canadian importer of Merlo products. Manulift EMI is proud to offer these innovative telehandler products to Canadian entrepreneurs.

The high demand for the Merlo product is clear with more than 700 units sold in Canada in the last six years. Merlo is the telehandler world leader with pure innovation for 40 years. With 28 units produced every day, Merlo is the most demanded telehandler brand worldwide.

For more information about Merlo's products or regarding Manulift, do not hesitate to communicate with Manulift at info@manulift.ca or to visit their website www.manulift.ca

Jonathan Ledoux
National Marketing Director
Manulift EMI Ltd
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