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New Application for Merlo Telehandler

By:  manulift 
19 June at 03:17PM 

Denis Champagne, a greenhouse builder from Acton Vale (Qc), recently acquired a Merlo Panoramic 37.12, offering a 3,700 kg (8,150 lb) lifting capacity and 12 m (40') boom, to increase his productivity. It is a first in this type of industry.

"Merlo really was the equipment we were missing to complete our fleet and differentiate ourselves from competitors" explained Mr. Denis Champagne, owner. His business, established in 2003, will use the Panoramic 37.12 to erect greenhouse structures and install polythene. Before the Merlo, this type of operation required the use, which was not really safe, of an excavator, a straight boom lift and a scissor lift. The Panoramic 37.12 will decrease the number of machines on site, the installation time, while improving the workers' safety.

Also owning an excavation enterprise, the Merlo was the most profitable telehandler since it will be used by both businesses, thanks to its high performance with bucket work.

The Panoramic 37.12 is propelled by a very fuel efficient 86 hp Perkins engine and also has all the features that make Merlo exclusive: the Ring of SteelTM, anti-torsion chassis, class 1 hydrostatic transmission, 360° visibility and several other patented innovations.

Manulift EMI, with branches in Toronto, Montreal and Quebec City, is the Canadian importer of Merlo products. Manulift EMI is proud to offer these innovative telehandler products to Canadian entrepreneurs.

The high demand for the Merlo product is clear with more than 550 units sold in Canada in the last five years. Merlo is the telehandler world leader with pure innovation for 40 years. With 26 units produced every day, Merlo is the most demanded telehandler brand worldwide.

Information: Jonathan Ledoux, National Marketing Director Manulift EMI Ltd Tel.: (450) 652-5550 Ext. 330 jonathan.ledoux@manulift.ca

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