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Open House: Success for Manulift EMI

By:  manulift 
01 June at 03:24PM 

On May 28th, MANULIFT EMI in Varennes held, the annual Open House Event celebrating an outstanding launch of MERLO's new products. Not only will these new models change the telehandler industry forever, but people were amazed by the entire evening and by the prestigious guests present.

Mr. Amilcare Merlo, President and Founder of the Italian company MERLO, highlighted the event with his first official visit to Canada. Accompanied by his son Mr. Marco Merlo, I.T. Manager and Member of the Board, and by Mr. Stefano Forlani, Commercial Expert. Mr. Amilcare Merlo was very generous with his time by participating actively in the introduction of new products and by discussing with customers attending the event.

Visitors from MERLO, and especially Mr. Amilcare Merlo, were very impressed by the organization and the success of the evening making them very proud of their Canadian dealer MANULIFT EMI, the biggest MERLO dealer in the world.

New Merlo models launched at Manulift EMI:


This new version of the ROTO is as easy to use as an American telehandler without rotation. It was designed for multi-operator use and competes directly with models offering a 10,000 lb lifting capacity of the traditional 54 feet. With 30% time savings, the reduction of accidents risks, cost reduction of the workforce and with the possibility of working in restricted areas; experience proves to us that this new model will increase, significantly, the profitability of its owners.


This new model offers impressive lifting capacity up to 5,500 lb with 20' of height. In addition to being very compact, this machine offers a 360 degree vision, the largest cab on the market, a full anti-torsion chassis built with the exclusive Ring of Steel tm and has a very low gravity centre for an incomparable stability.

The on-site demonstrations delighted the guests who were largely impressed by the two ROTO's controlled simultaneously, by a single operator, located more than 200 feet away.

Besides discovering innovative quality products, people had the privilege to meet stars of the NHL such as Mr. Maxim Lapierre, Mr. Jonny Murray as well as the spokesman for Manulift and owner of a Multifarmer, Mr. Pierre Bouchard. Furthermore, the presence of the Alouettes Cheerleaders and the motocross performance of Mr. Ben Milot enhanced the event and made it unforgettable for the numerous guests.

MANULIFT EMI, with branches in Toronto, Montreal and Quebec City, is the Canadian importer of the MERLO products. MANULIFT EMI is proud to offer these innovative telehandler products to Canadian entrepreneurs.

The high demand for the MERLO product is clear with more than 600 units sold in Canada in the last five years. MERLO is the telehandler world leader with pure innovation for 40 years. With 28 units produced every day, MERLO is the most demanded telehandler brand worldwide

Information: Jonathan Ledoux, National Marketing Director Manulift EMI Ltd Tel.: (450) 652-5550 Ext. 330 jonathan.ledoux@manulift.ca

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