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02 November at 01:54PM
Manulift is back to school

For 2 years now, Manulift is part of the class Health and Safety on the Farm at the Institut de technologie agroalimentaire, campus Saint-Hyacinthe, a food-processing technology institute.

29 October at 02:01PM
Covic buys the first new Compact P25.6

Manulift launched the new Merlo Compact P25.6 on May 28, 2010 and Mr. Coito from Covic Landscaping was so impressed, he bought one the same night.

28 July at 05:48PM
Merlo: no compromise between productivity and safety

When they obtained the contract for the restoration of Quebec Parliament's facade, people at Briquetal knew that only the Roto MCSS of Merlo could help them with this task. Not only it is an historic building, but it is located on one of the busiest street of Quebec City; the challenge was considerable.

19 July at 03:31PM
Merlo: Stronger and safer for agricultural heavy duty

The new Merlo Panoramic 55.9 CS HD proves the supremacy of Merlo regarding technological innovation. Not only the performances are incomparable, but the aftercool common-rail 140hp DEUTZ turbo motor, the lift's height, the unbeatable manoeuvrability and especially the revolutionary hydro-pneumatic suspension system of the cab contribute significantly to the safety and comfort of the operator.

15 July at 04:45PM
Merlo: choice of experimented entrepreneurs

The Alfred Boivin Group in Chicoutimi (Qc) owns and uses more than 1,000 machines for their winter and summer activities, but they admit they never had an equipment as efficient as their Merlo Multifarmer 30.9.

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