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MPR 15/18

Designed and developed for the specific needs of Euro Disney, the Merlo MPR 15/18 high capacity manlift will soon revolutionize the Canadian manlift industry. Manulift EMI is proud to announce the upcoming arrival of those new models, designed and certified for Canada.

MPR 15/18 in brief :

  • Speed of 40 km/h
  • Basket capacity1,000 kg (2,200 lb) ? six people
  • Control/driving from the cab or the platform
  • Height of 15 m or 18 m (50' to 60')
  • Platform rotates at 360°
  • Hydro-pneumatic suspension with automatic levelling
  • Class 1 hydrostatic transmission

Those new manlift models were introduced to several customers who immediately showed interest; establishing the future success of the products. Moreover, they are designed for several industries such as, mining, refineries, seaports, quarries, hydroelectric power plants and airports.

MPR 20/25/30

The MPR system represents the next development stage of access platforms, reinforcing Merlo's supremacy in innovation and technology.

Fully conforming to EN 280, it combines the lifting performance of a traditional self-propelled boom platform with the rough terrain mobility of a telehandler and has a travel speed more akin to a truck-mounted platform.

The heart of the system is a self-propelled chassis with hydro-pneumatic suspension. Mounted upon it are a fully enclosed and furnished operator's cab and a two man work platform, supported by an articulated telescopic boom.

Maximum load capacity
Maximum lift height
Maximum reach
Lift capacity at maximum lift height
Lift capacity at maximum forrward reach
Power at 2400 rpm
Maximum speed
Total unladen mass (with forks)
Upperstructure rotation
Levelling hydropneumatic suspensions
Hydraulic system