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Low Boom - 32' or less (10 m or less)

These models will surprise you with their agility, their compact size and their amazing lifting capacity. Thanks to the exclusive Ring of SteelTM, Merlo is the only telehandler with no counterweight at the rear of the machine for an impressive stability. With its innovative design, it easily surpasses the performance of the skid steer, the straight boom or the mini-loader. Some models even offer the possibility of a 3 point linkage and a 110 hp P.T.O. at the rear of the machine.


High capacity - 12,000 lb and more

These models, often replacing a wheeled loader, will surprise you with their agility and their impressive lifting capacity with forks compared to their size. Thanks to the exclusive Ring of SteelTM, Merlo is the only telehandler with no counterweight at the rear of the machine, while offering the largest range of high capacity telehandlers (5).


Roto - Up to 85' (26 m) of height

These rotative models immediately bring a 40 % productivity increase. You will be able to do handling and placing, as well as work in the basket at heights up to 85' (26 m). Furthermore, to maximize the efficiency of the operator, all operations can be radio controlled. This concept of rotation, invented by Merlo, aims at increasing safety and productivity by reducing the back and forth movements, also requires six times less space than traditional loaders. To this day, Merlo still produces more rotative telehandlers than all competitors put together.


Manulift supports youth talent!
The students were impressed by the versatility and compactness of the Merlo Multifarmer 40.7.
Manulift, CDX official telehandler supplier!
Merlo surpasses all other methods available in the market with its operational speed, high bucket capacity, robustness and compactness.
DO NOT MISS, Manulift will be at Bauma
Meet us Wednesday, April 13, at booth B-377. Mr. Merlo, CEO and founder of Merlo will present, welcome cocktail and unveiling!