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Electricity Station and Components

More Productive Handling and Installation

For several years now, the European industries have abandoned the use of wheeled loaders and straight booms in their yard and replaced them with telehandlers offering much more productivity, thanks to the frontal reach, 360° visibility, short turning radius, speed of movement and the versatility of the attachments. In Canada, electricity station companies were amongst the first to adopt the new work method.

Merlo offering models with up to 26,000 lb lifting capacity, in addition to the exclusive side shift (2') with no capacity loss loading/unloading is now more precise. Furthermore, you will be able to reach a load without moving obstacles placed in front. Coupled with a radio controlled high capacity basket (2,000 lb, 16'), you will own the ideal tool for handling and for the installation of transformers or else.

http://manulift.mg2media.com/static/uploaded/Files/images_site/votre-utilisation/thumbs/lowboom.jpg   http://manulift.mg2media.com/static/uploaded/Files/images_site/votre-utilisation/thumbs/haute_fr.jpg

Low Boom - 32' or less (10 m or less)

These models will surprise you with their agility, their compact size and their amazing lifting capacity. Thanks to the exclusive Ring of...


Haute capacité - 12,000 lb and more

These models, often replacing a wheeled loader, will surprise you with their agility and their impressive lifting capacity with forks compared...


High Boom - 32' or more (10 m or more)

These models will surprise you with their speed of movement, their compact size and their fuel efficiency (savings of a minimum of 33 %)...



Manulift supports youth talent!
The students were impressed by the versatility and compactness of the Merlo Multifarmer 40.7.
Manulift, CDX official telehandler supplier!
Merlo surpasses all other methods available in the market with its operational speed, high bucket capacity, robustness and compactness.
DO NOT MISS, Manulift will be at Bauma
Meet us Wednesday, April 13, at booth B-377. Mr. Merlo, CEO and founder of Merlo will present, welcome cocktail and unveiling!