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It has been proven, buying is more profitable than renting. In a market like the telehandler's with no norms or certifications governing over quality, when satisfying performances on the short or long term basis, it is not logical to base your decision criteria on price alone. Therefore, it would be wise to deal with a specialist dedicated to the telehandler market who will be able to suggest product bringing productivity and profitability to your business. Stop postponing the acquisition and invest today; you will be the winner, long term !

Buying is probably more at your reach than you think; with our accommodating finance plans.


At Manulift, we own the largest rental fleet of telehandlers in Canada and we are amongst the top 15 in North America, with more than 400 units. With only three brands: Merlo, SkyTrak and Snorkel, the fleet has more than 60 different models all maintained according to manufacturers recommendations.

Short Term Rental

We specialize in 30 day or more commercial rentals; you will find here high quality products maximizing your operations on site. Our rates are competitive and may be eligible for the exclusice loyalty program.

Rentals with Buying Option

This method of acquisition allows you to try the machine before buying it. Paid rentals fees will be partially reimbursed (applicable) during the sales transaction. This is an excellent way to build your deposit or to make sure you are choosing the right machine (available with certain models only).

Leasing, With or Without Maintenance and Repair

This option is ideal for co-enterprises working on 12-24-36 month projects. They can invoice the project at an interest rate lower than regular rentals while keeping the option of buying the machine at a low price at the end of the term.

It also offers also the ideal renting situation, if you want to always have a newer unit.

Accommodating finance plans

Most of the time, financing represents the final step in the buying process. Usually harsh on the customer, you will see that is it the opposite at Manulift. Our professionalism, our quality of service, our personalized solutions and our competent advisers will make this experience pleasant and enriching.

We work in partnership with renowned and established finance advisors specialized in commercial transactions. Our high volume of transactions gives us the power of negotiation, resulting in several flexible solutions for our customers:

  • No payments during winter
  • No payments for the three first months
  • Variable monthly payment, fixed or decreasing
  • Residual balloon
  • Fixed or variable interest rate
  • Leasing

We allow you to build your asset without loosing your liabilities!

Furthermore, there is a substantial chance that your traditional financial institution will be more competitive and more attentive to your needs in the future.

Why invest today ?

A Future Economy Favouring Investment

Contrary to the economic slow down of the 80's and 90's, our industry is well positioned since governments want to stimulate the economy by investing massively, in existing and new infrastructures, placing us at the heart of those investment plans.

The high price of raw materials worldwide caused an economic boom regarding their extraction, development of infrastructures, transport network, lodging, etc. This guarantees an economic prosperity on a short and mid term basis for North of Quebec, North of Ontario, Saskatchewan and North of Alberta. Same thing for British Columbia with its demographic boom. Our country is amongst those who knew how to play the game well.

Furthermore, according to the Construction Sector Council, more than 320,000 jobs will be available in construction in the next eight years. The labour shortage is inevitable, it is imperative to be prepared. And one way to do so, according to Statistics Canada, is to fill the gap regarding equipment between Canadian entrepreneurs versus other industrialized countries.

Investing in a unit: pure savings !

Invested amount in quality equipment, adapted to your work will generate savings during its entire life cycle. Investing today also represents a protection against indexation and increasing of costs (labour, rentals, desired unit, etc.). Like a retirement plan, the sooner you act, the more you gain. Even if a project is not as profitable as expected, your investment gets paid and your equity increases. After 5 years, you will be proud of the additional gain to your assessment; without mentioning the savings of the next 10 years. Investing in what will have a great return; the golden rule of financial advisors!

Canadian Bankers Like Merlo

Bankers are delighted when they realize you are a visionary by investing in versatile equipment. It will increase your productivity and optimize your operations on a short, mid and long term basis; while retaining a resale value higher than any other type of heavy equipment (Green Guide).