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Glass and Curtain Walls

The Best Equipment for Glaziers

For the type of work performed by glaziers, which requires care and precision, Merlo is the best equipment. Its precise, soft and constant movements allow you to work according to the norms of your trade. The wide range of Merlo products will lower your rental costs for manlifts, boom trucks and other lifting equipment. The unique design of our products massively decreases the time for each project, as well as costs related to labour.

Merlo can be used to load/unload, as well as for miscellaneous handling on site. Also, the radio controlled high capacity basket (2,000 lb, 16?) or the suction cups will be helpful for installations.

http://manulift.mg2media.com/static/uploaded/Files/images_site/votre-utilisation/thumbs/lowboom.jpg   http://manulift.mg2media.com/static/uploaded/Files/images_site/votre-utilisation/thumbs/roto.jpg

Low Boom - 32' or less (10 m or less)

These models will surprise you with their agility, their compact size and their amazing lifting capacity. Thanks to the exclusive Ring of...


Roto - Up to 85' (26 m) of height

These rotative models immediately bring a 40% productivity increase. You will be able to do handling, placing, as well as work in the basket...


Manulift supports youth talent!
The students were impressed by the versatility and compactness of the Merlo Multifarmer 40.7.
Manulift, CDX official telehandler supplier!
Merlo surpasses all other methods available in the market with its operational speed, high bucket capacity, robustness and compactness.
DO NOT MISS, Manulift will be at Bauma
Meet us Wednesday, April 13, at booth B-377. Mr. Merlo, CEO and founder of Merlo will present, welcome cocktail and unveiling!