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Buildings and structures

“Merlo is the only one that meet our needs. We just bought our 21st machine.” – Sylvain Descheneaux

“Merlo redefined the standards for the telehandler industry. Our Roto’s compactness and versatility has saved us an enormous amount of time, not to mention that the remote control function allowed us to eliminate a position. We’ve saved $195,000 in 15 months!” – Yuri Hrycyna

“I couldn’t believe the fuel savings! Our current fuel savings and productivity are the reasons behind our Merlo fleet. I even told Mr. Merlo himself!” – Pietro Bellai

“We call it “THE MACHINE”—this productivity beast requires 1 fill-up per week, versus 4 for our other brands. At $100 per fill-up 3 times a week, that’s $1,200 in savings per month.” – Stéphane Dumais

“The compact unit is more agile, drives faster and guarantees maximum usability. We recently saved $35,000 in crane rentals because our Merlo was able to handle a narrow and winding road.” – Joël Vieira

"If I was an entrepreneur, I would choose a Merlo Roto...versatile, efficient, precise, very good machine and very comfortable." – Pascal Lambert
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Landscaping and minicipalities

"We were skeptical, but forced to admit that Merlo replaces our skid steer and articulated loaders. It unloads trailers 30% faster and more efficiently."

"Merlo is a powerful machine that outperforms our traditional machines in addition to being a telehandler! It places the equipment closer to the workers, thereby reducing the risk of accidents."


"Our handling is now more efficient. Our operators had to adapt because our managers saw the benefits."

"Merlo facilitates our handling, allows cars display and facilitates snow removal."

"The fuel economy is impressive, and the frontal reach is a plus!"

"Nothing replaces the productivity of a telescopic handler. We plan to acquire a 2nd Merlo 120.10."


Merlo "allows tasks to be done faster... there was no way we we’re going to purchase a conventional loader." – Daniel Lampron

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Ferme Gillal

"With my Merlo, I do more jobs, faster. This way, I increase the profitability and the productivity of my company." – Jean Laliberté
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Ferme Starlyte

"My Merlo telehandler is way more versatile than a tractor." – Scott Stevens (Click here to see video)