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Catalog | Merlo
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Merlo ROTO 50.26SPLUS 2022 Telehandler, Rotating Telehandler
11,000 lbs Maximum Charge
85 feet Maximal Height
Merlo ROTO 40.26MCSS 2017 Telehandler, Rotating Telehandler
8,800 lbs Maximum Charge
85 feet Maximal Height
Merlo Panoramic 50.18HM 2017 Telehandler
11,000 lbs Maximum Charge
58 feet Maximal Height
Merlo ROTO 45.21MCSS 2016 Telehandler, Rotating Telehandler
9,900 lbs Maximum Charge
68 feet Maximal Height
Merlo Turbofarmer 42.7CS Telehandler
9,200 lbs Maximum Charge
23 feet Maximal Height
Merlo Panoramic 50.18HM 2017 Telehandler
11,000 lbs Maximum Charge
58 feet Maximal Height
Merlo Panoramic 50.18HM 2018 Telehandler
11,000 lbs Maximum Charge
58 feet Maximal Height
Merlo ROTO 40.26MCSS 2019 Telehandler, Rotating Telehandler
8,800 lbs Maximum Charge
85 feet Maximal Height
Merlo Turbofarmer 50.8TCS 2016 Telehandler
11,000 lbs Maximum Charge
25 feet Maximal Height
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Merlo Telehandlers

Merlo offers a wide range of high-performance telehandlers that are among the most popular on the market. Merlo products are meticulously designed and manufactured at its parent company in Italy, in keeping with the idea early on of offering safe telehandlers with the latest technological innovations. That is why the company reinvests 8.8% of its sales in research and development each year, an unparalleled figure in the telehandler industry.

In addition to being a manufacturer, Merlo is also responsible for designing and manufacturing all of its parts, which makes it easier for distributors and customers to obtain replacement parts. Their 100% focus on telehandler products has enabled them to develop unique expertise over time, making the brand one of the most award-winning in the handling industry worldwide.

Their vision consists in offering versatile products that meet various needs. The attachment technology and high machine capacity make them the machines of choice in many settings, replacing several traditional tools with a single higher-performing one.

Merlo’s facilities are among the most technologically advanced in the world. With a modern 3.5 million sq. ft. plant in Italy, it even has a climate chamber that allows machines to be tested in conditions ranging from -40° to +60° Celsius. The aim of these extreme tests is to test each component in order to ensure its full capacity regardless of the region and conditions.

Despite global recognition and distribution in 60 countries, production remains modest, with the plant only producing 34 units per day. The focus is therefore on overall quality rather than production quantity.

Merlo has been a long-time partner for Manulift, which has been distributing its products in Canada for 20 years now. The company, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary, has received numerous awards for its innovation. It has also developed and submitted patents for several of its unique components, including the boom, calibrated chassis, Quick Attach system, compact stabilizers, braking and Quick Access systems, oversized axles, and several others. These awards and patented products justify the R&D efforts and investments and show the full value of this strategic choice for the company.

Merlo telehandler owners are well served by the modular fabrication, since the design of several parts and components is unique regardless of the machine. This makes it easy for operators of Merlo machines, because the cab is the same for all Merlo telehandlers. This also facilitates maintenance and favours the use of multiple attachments within a fleet of diverse vehicles.

Exclusive distributor of Merlo products in Canada

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