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Catalog | Compact Tractor
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Multifarmer 34.7 CS Compact Tractor
7,500 lbs Maximum Charge
22 feet Maximal Height
Multifarmer 40.9 CS Telehandler, Compact Tractor
8,800 lbs Maximum Charge
29 feet Maximal Height
Multifarmer 44.9 CS Telehandler, Compact Tractor
9,700 lbs Maximum Charge
29 feet Maximal Height
Turbofarmer 30.9 L Telehandler, Compact Tractor
6,600 lbs Maximum Charge
28 feet Maximal Height
Turbofarmer 33.7 L Telehandler, Compact Tractor
7,300 lbs Maximum Charge
22 feet Maximal Height
Turbofarmer 33.9 CS Telehandler, Compact Tractor
7,275 lbs Maximum Charge
28 feet Maximal Height
Turbofarmer 35.7 CS Telehandler, Compact Tractor
7,700 lbs Maximum Charge
22 feet Maximal Height
Turbofarmer 38.10 TTCS Telehandler, Compact Tractor
8,400 lbs Maximum Charge
31 feet Maximal Height
Turbofarmer 42.7 TTCS Telehandler, Compact Tractor
9,260 lbs Maximum Charge
24 feet Maximal Height
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Compact Tractor

Compact tractors are valuable tools for those who work in the industry and the agricultural sector. The huge versatility of this machine makes it a tool of choice for plots of land that require varied and sometimes even unpredictable tasks. The definition of a compact farm tractor is very simple: it’s a machine that replaces all other machines. It performs tasks that easily substitute for a Skid Steer, a Front Wheel, and other farm equipment frequently used on a daily basis.

While the versatility of a compact tractor is the main argument for convincing users, its speed also supports the full value of its offer. Travelling at peak speeds of 40 km/h, it is ideal for large plots of land where there is always work to be done. This is a non-negligible variable for farmers, who have a busy schedule and where traditional tools cannot compete at that speed.

Manulift’s tractors have huge application potential, ranging from scraping to lifting and snow removal. With a specially designed snow blade attachment, this tool becomes an excellent snow removal tractor for small areas to avoid costly additional equipment. Everything is associated with its design, which makes it sturdy while being suited to all types of conditions. The oversized wheels enable travel over all types of surfaces, for instance, without fear of breakdown or safety issues. Its above-average load capacity, as well as the telescopic version, create the additional added values of manoeuvrability and efficient handling of various loads. The different components of the compact tractor make it a time- and money-saving tool. By simplifying daily operations, limiting the number of required tools and speeding up certain processes, some customers claim to save up to 300 hours per year on a single task. That alone justified the purchase of the tractor and they are now looking for an additional tractor to buy.

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