Manulift offers many ways to benefit from its products and expertise, in particular an attractive rental model that meets the needs and expectations of all its customers. Initially focused on the sale of Merlo, Snorkel and Skytrack equipment, we listened to our customers’ needs and began offering rental for periods of 3 months or more. This flexible offer lets customers get familiar with exceptional products and narrow down their choice while also meeting specific, targeted and temporary needs without a long-term commitment. It’s a model specifically designed and developed for the field!

“Having a machine for the long term will:

  • Optimize work processes and ensure peak performance at all times;
  • Maximize machine use, especially for secondary or unexpected tasks;
  • Reduce manual input in order to raise productivity and limit risk.”


Several rental methods are offered so our customers can find their own ideal scenario.

Short-term rental

All our machines are available for rental for a minimum of 3 months. Several flexible options are also available.

Rental with purchase option

This rental method lets you try out and master your new machine before buying it. An ideal way to ensure you make the right choice.

Long-term rental (lease) with or without maintenance and repairs

This type of rental is designed for joint ventures working on fixed-term projects of 12, 24 or 36 months.

This attractive rental method allows them to invoice their costs back to their customers while keeping the door open to buying the machine. An ideal way to have a new machine at all times.


Each situation is unique and deserves a thorough analysis. Our team will be pleased to help you identify the most advantageous option for you, the one that offers the best overall value. Contact us right now!

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