The Manulift Solution

Choosing Manulift means choosing a partner with a heartfelt commitment to its customers’ success and profitability. Our actions are directly aligned with our vision of offering not only the best product but also the best service. This is achieved by responding faster and more effectively in each situation. Our 100% focus on telehandlers and years of experience in handling multiple challenges make us uncontested experts in our industry. By offering quality machines and service, but above all by focusing on after-sales service and customer satisfaction, we can offer all our customers a true 360-degree solution along with complete peace of mind.

A 100% telescopic solution at all levels:
– 115 technicians and trainers
– Workshops and tools designed for telehandlers
– 24/7 technical support hotline
– 10 million telescopic parts at all times, more than all competitors combined
– 26 service vehicles on the road, carrying a vast inventory of parts, tools and technical manuals
– Lube truck available for night work to avoid interrupting your operations
– Dedicated courtesy units to ensure your productivity at all times.

Meets all needs

Numerous investments over the years have enabled us to develop a service offering capable of meeting all contingencies. This allows us to present the customer with different options in order to tailor support to their situation and provide for optimal operation of their equipment. Our customers can count on 24/7 telephone support, shop service, road service including use of a lube truck outside worksite hours, a training service and more. This solution is one of the main advantages of Manulift.

24/7 Telephone Support

This front-line service offers our customers outstanding technical support for the products we sell. Equipment downtime costs your company dearly and lowers productivity, so we created a dedicated support team that will try to solve your problems over the phone. This free 24/7 service often helps companies avoid unnecessary costs and quickly resume operations.

Service in the shop

We rely on a 100% telescopic environment where spaces are designed and equipped to meet diverse needs in the field. In addition to work environments and the best equipment on the market, Manulift’s added value is primarily based on its unparallelled human expertise. Our technicians are trained continuously to develop the knowledge and reflexes to be fully effective in all situations. This expertise is now available in our four branches across Canada and also through our extensive network of partners across the country. They are equipped to apply the Manulift recipe and guarantee thorough work of high quality.

Service on the road

Our teams on the road are available to respond effectively and quickly to customer needs. All our units are fully dedicated to telescopic equipment and always carry a large inventory of parts along with tools for all kinds of repairs in the field. Visits are possible day and night in order to limit customer downtime and provide an effective alternative to their various technical problems.

In addition to conventional units, we have a “lube truck” to do maintenance outside worksite hours and ensure the best performance by the machines without affecting daily operations.

Millions of parts in inventory

Manulift has an inventory of 10 million 100% telescopic parts to handle all possible customer issues. This strategic choice lets us handle 97% of requests and problems, both in the shop and on the road. In addition to original equipment parts, we also draw upon a wide inventory of second-hand parts and generic brands to offer the best possible alternative. As with the rest of our support, we are committed to quick repair of our customers’ machinery and we also offer them alternatives and the best price-quality value depending on the situation.

Tools to evolve from day to day

As an expert seeking nothing less than excellence for our customers, our team never hesitates to challenge the status quo. We constantly strive to improve our efficiency, deepen our knowledge and acquire new and more powerful tools. We now use learning and business intelligence software to optimize the processes and actions that our technicians need to take. The trust relationship established with our customers over the years also lets us rely on their feedback and make the necessary adjustments for their benefit.