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E-Worker 25.5 Telehandler, Electric Telehandler
5,000 lbs Maximum Charge
16 feet Maximal Height
Panoramic 27.6 Top Telehandler
6,000 lbs Maximum Charge
19 feet Maximal Height
Panoramic 35.11 Top Medium-Capacity Telehandler
7,700 lbs Maximum Charge
36 feet Maximal Height
Panoramic 40.13 Plus Telehandler, Telehandler with Stabilizers
8,800 lbs Maximum Charge
41 feet Maximal Height
Panoramic 40.17 Plus Telehandler
8,800 lbs Maximum Charge
55 feet Maximal Height
Panoramic 50.17 Top Telehandler, Telehandler with Stabilizers
11,000 lbs Maximum Charge
56 feet Maximal Height
Panoramic 50.18 HM High-Capacity Telehandler
11,000 lbs Maximum Charge
59 feet Maximal Height
Panoramic 65.14 HM Telehandler
14,000 lbs Maximum Charge
46 feet Maximal Height
Panoramic 72.10 Plus Telehandler, High-Capacity Telehandler
16,000 lbs Maximum Charge
31 feet Maximal Height
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The Telehandler - A Versatile Machine

The telescopic handlers sold and rented by Manulift are designed to be versatile and robust. These all-terrain telehandlers enable different types of materials to be loaded and unloaded. Work can be performed with precision on all surfaces and in all industries as a result of multiple high-quality features. The equipment not only provides excellent value for money, but also replaces many different machines. This characteristic contributes to the high productivity of telehandlers and gives them an undeniable competitive advantage.

With its unique features and components, this machine is suited not only to the terrain, but also to the operator’s needs. The boom and the associated components are what primarily allow work to be performed precisely and safely in every respect. The boom is rigid, manoeuvrable and safe, and enables the operator to perform varied tasks in many work environments. The telehandlers sold by Manulift are also equipped with a highly precise hydrostatic transmission and have large-scale capabilities, both for lifting as well as for pushing or pulling materials. They can be easily manoeuvred in all types of spaces, including some of the narrowest, where they are easy to rotate and deploy.

The key to telehandler versatility and performance is the integration of numerous unique and complementary technologies. These enhance the machines’ advantages and functionalities, and allow more needs to be met in a greater number of situations.

With a strong focus on safety, the telehandlers distributed by Manulift also have high-performance protection tools. These include movement and manoeuvre detectors, an anti-rollover system and a self-levelling system over rough terrain, safe cabins to protect the operator, in addition to a very large number of additional performance options.

Telescopic handlers replace several machines on different types of work sites, by namely performing the work of a crane or a Skid Steer, with more advantages and fewer constraints.

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