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Catalog | High-Capacity Telehandler
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Panoramic 50.18 HM High-Capacity Telehandler
11,000 lbs Maximum Charge
59 feet Maximal Height
Panoramic 72.10 Plus Telehandler, High-Capacity Telehandler
16,000 lbs Maximum Charge
31 feet Maximal Height
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High-Capacity Telehandler

The high-capacity telehandlers are even more robust than their smaller counterparts and are truly designed for heavy-duty work. Their main added value is their impressive capacity and power, which enables them to move heavy and bulky materials. With a low profile and unparalleled manoeuvrability in tight spaces and on rugged terrain, they are appreciated by operators, who feel safe even when handling oversized loads.

Operating in challenging and often very demanding environments and industries, these heavy-duty telehandlers are designed to withstand difficult conditions without affecting their performance over time. They are robust and durable, making them trusted tools for users.

In addition to their high performance capacity, these large telehandlers are also designed for precise movement in tight spaces, thanks to their rotating boom which has lateral translation. The 360° view in the cab allows heavy loads to be efficiently handled while ensuring safety in all work site conditions.

While its capacity is mainly focused on lifting, the versatility of the high-capacity telehandler is truly evident in the range of tasks it can perform. Its strength can be tested in a variety of jobs, for which many attachments are designed and available. This multitude of tools allows operators to use the machine to its full capacity in a variety of situations requiring strength and precision.

To adequately protect users, the high-capacity telehandler uses one of the industry’s leading safety systems. Load levelling in case of imbalance or tilting, load stabilizers for fast and efficient movement, full peripheral vision for safe movement: all designed to create a healthy work environment for everyone.

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