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Catalog | Medium-Capacity Telehandler
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Panoramic 35.11 Top Medium-Capacity Telehandler
7,700 lbs Maximum Charge
36 feet Maximal Height
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Medium-capacity Telehandler

The medium-capacity telehandlers have a low profile and are mainly used in the agricultural sector or for courtyards. These include products such as the Turbofarmer and the Low Boom, which are very popular with various customers in these industries. This machine is extremely practical and efficient for ground-level jobs and is ideal for work performed indoors where the ceiling is considerably lower.

Designed primarily from the standpoint of robustness and repetitive work, these machines perform in repetitive movements that require brute strength and efficient performance. The boom is not designed to be raised very high, but rather to provide high-level stability when lifting very heavy loads. This capability makes the medium-capacity telehandler a tool of choice for all trades and environments where large loads need to be handled and moved daily, both indoors and outdoors. Because of its optimal size, the medium-capacity telehandler can go everywhere and reach inventory in tight and hard-to-reach spaces. Handling is very simple and precise for operators, making it a tool of choice for long, repetitive work days where efficiency is key.

More accessible and affordable than many similar tools on the market, the equipment has benefits that are difficult to match by the competition. Cabin comfort is popular with buyers and users of the machine, which is often used over long hours. The design ensures a comfortable and pleasant environment for the operator who spends all day in the telehandler. The suspension has also been designed so that the load is stable regardless of the type of terrain. This allows the operator to move quickly, even over rough terrain, without the risk of dropping the load. A unique design aimed at making work not only more efficient but also safer.

In addition, a large number of attachments are also available to support the work of the medium-capacity telehandler, with the aim of making manoeuvres easier and providing customers with the opportunity to work with tools suited to their particular environment.

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