For all construction trades!

Merlo offers a complete range of equipment specially designed for all construction trades, enabling you to maximise the productivity and safety of your site operations. Our equipment will enable you to consolidate labour costs and maximise your time, so you can finish your projects faster and save a lot of money.

Save time and money

  • With baskets with a capacity of 2200 pounds, load more materials on each trip and bring a large 5`x14` work platform with you aloft.
  • The remote control saves at least one man at all times! In basket or boom mode, without an operator in the cab!
  • Work faster and closer to buildings thanks to Merlo’s extremely fast and precise hydraulic functions. Patented sideshift system for faster loading and unloading! Maximum speed of 40 km/h

The most versatile machine on the site

  • Do all your jobs and replace up to 3 machines on site!
  • Lifting, aerial platform or fork and bucket handling mode!
  • The machine stays put and its reach means you can do multiple lifting jobs whenever you want, saving on crane costs – without the need for a crane operator!

A unique experience for the operator

  • Merlo’s 360° visibility means you can operate the machine more safely and with greater confidence.
  • Merlo’s unique cab suspension offers unrivalled comfort and reduces operator fatigue.
  • With an 8.5-inch widescreen display showing dynamic load diagrams and on-board scales, you’ll know exactly what you can carry.
  • Easy access to a spacious and comfortable cab. Tilting cab on Roto telescopic handlers.

Listen to Jean-François’ testimonial:

Le model pour vous!

Roto 50.35

Pano 50.17

Pano 27.6