Values & Improvement

Founded in 1972, Acadia Community Truss is an engineered roof-truss systems manufacturer based out of Carberry, Manitoba. Being owned and operated by the Acadia Hutterite Colony, all their employees have a vested interest in its operation where they apply the Colony’s core values of honesty, dedication, hard-work, cooperation and a constant drive to improve their operations through technology and new, innovative working methods.

“…we always try to improve our business with performance, efficiency, optimization, automation, and that’s where the Merlo fits in
really well.”

Handling materials, loading trusses, snow removal, cleaning – the telehandlers have their versatility leveraged to the maximum. Thanks to Merlo’ wide range of models, Acadia Community Truss were able to be proposed machines that fit their needs perfectly while knowing that no compromise is made on power, fuel efficiency, capacity or reach.

“ The biggest part about Merlo that separates them from the other brands is their speed, their efficiency, their power and their ability to keep running on a daily basis.’’

Be stronger while saving on fuel

  • From 8,000 to 14,000+ lbs capacity at 9+ meters of boom
  • Exclusive 170hp IVECO engine/ the largest in the industry 
  • Merlo’s Eco Power Drive boosts efficiency and reduces fuel costs by 18% 

The Merlo’s top speed of 40km/h comes in very handy when it’s time to cover their vast yard for material or to load/unload delivery trucks. Equipped with the Boom Suspension System, the 65.9 is the perfect match for their needs as they can travel quickly without the risk of damaging their loads or the telehandler itself. Additionally, the telehandler’s frontal reach saves critical time in their daily tasks, making it an indispensable tool for their operation.

”Being able to unload a truck from one side – having that reach, it’s very critical in our operation.”

Be faster and more precise

  • Protect your load without sacrificing speed with our unique Boom Suspension System 
  • Use the boom’s reach to save time by unloading and loading trailers from one side with millimetric precision
  • 40km/h regardless of terrain or conditions

Acadia Community Truss were the very first owners of a 65.9 in Canada – recently receiving their second 65.9 after only a few months of ownership. They now own 5 Merlo telehandlers and do not foresee buying units of any other brand in the future as they value the operator comfort and efficiency that only Merlo can deliver.

“What I most appreciate about the 65.9 is the cab suspension and boom suspension. Cab suspension is a back saver. The boom suspension keeps loads from shifting and bouncing off the forks. ”

Unique operator experience

  • Unique Merlo Cab suspension provides unmatched comfort and reduces operator fatigue
  • Merlo’s 360° visibility allows you to operate the unit safer and with added confidence
  • 8.5 inch widescreen displays Dynamic Load Charts and on-board scale; know exacly what you can carry

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