Merlo grants a wish!

When Dale Thompson of Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada, founded Thompson Construction Inc. in 2013, his goal was to make his clients’ dreams come true. Offering complete service in residential, commercial and industrial construction sectors, Dale and his team have built a solid reputation over the years based on reliability, trust and the respect of their clients’ needs.

While the realization of any project is a special moment for the team, nothing compares to a delivery they made on Sept. 5, 2020.

Parker, a unique client

A call from the Make-A-Wish Foundation was the starting point of this special contract for a unique client, Parker, a young boy who suffers from a neurological disorder.

His rare disease has made him sensitive to sunlight. Although he loves being outside, he can only spend very limited time outdoors and can’t fully enjoy his family’s backyard. Parker’s family decided to ask the foundation for a pleasant addition to their courtyard that would help their son enjoy the outdoors without being exposed to the sun: A gazebo.

Make-A-Wish asked Thompson Construction to give Parker what every child should have; a fun and safe place to play. A gazebo would provide the shade needed to make that happen.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation could not have found a better ally than Dale Thompson’s big heart to embark on the adventure. The Foundation had purchased the supplies, and the Thompson Construction team volunteered nights and weekends to help build the gazebo. It took 40 man-hours to put together the 100-square-foot structure. Thompson said that the company was just happy to help.

“This is the first time we’ve worked with the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the guys really stepped up,” said Thompson. “I am really proud of my team.”

Merlo, the one for the job! 

The 3,500 lbs gazebo structure was installed on a concrete pad in the backyard of the family’s Niagara Falls home, using a Merlo Panoramic 40.17 from Multi Trade Rental that was acquired from Manulift, the exclusive distributor of Merlo in Canada.

With very restricted backyard access, the precision and versatility of the Merlo were invaluable to Thompson’s team in completing this demanding task.

“The space was very tight, and it was quite a challenge to get the gazebo structure in the backyard, it would have been impossible without the Merlo 40.17,” said Thompson. “No other machine would have made it! With its unique features and his cab shift, Merlo was the one for the job!”

The Big Green Machine

Parker will long remember Thompson Construction and Merlo’s work! The boy kept his eyes wide open throughout the whole operation. Dale Thompson said his young client seemed to be impressed by the big green machine in his backyard.

It was quite an experience for the boy and a moving moment for the Thompson Construction team.

The new gazebo will provide hours of playtime and blissful moments for Parker and his loved ones. With the help of the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the efforts of Thompson Construction, Multi-Trade Rental, Manulift and Merlo, Parker now has a safe place to enjoy the outdoors.

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In collaboration with the Make-A-Wish Foundation and Thompson Construction