The first Turbofarmer 65.9, a Merlo telehandler exclusive to Manulift, has just entered the Canadian market! This robust, ultra-fast and powerful machine is one of the most efficient in its category (High-Capacity range). The arrival of the TF 69.5 testifies to Manulift’s commitment to offer tools that meet the needs of Canadians and our diverse markets, in addition to highlighting Merlo’s innovativeness in pushing the limits of performance year after year.

“The TF 65.9 really is a unique model designed to perform the hardest tasks. Its load capacity of 6,500 kg and great maneuverability in tight spaces make it one of the most compact and effective machines for tough, heavy duty repetitive tasks” said Manulift president Martin Drolet.

Robust and fast

The Turbofarmer 65.9 is characterized above all by its great versatility in performing a wide variety of tasks. This philosophy has been developed and maximized for the entire Turbofarmer line but stands out with this model that is even more robust than its predecessors. After taking the pulse of its customers, Merlo designed a more powerful, faster-moving and tougher model that performs particularly well in endurance tasks like bucket loading or the continuous movement of heavy materials.

Michael Waldner of Community Truss in Manitoba was immediately attracted by its higher load capacity. He already owned a Panoramic 60.9 with a maximum rated capacity of 6,000 kg, and bought the very first TF65.9 well before it officially arrived on Canadian soil. This new tool will meet the growing needs of his company that manufactures and stores huge prefabricated roof structures.

“The importance of this additional 500 kg to an industry like ours shouldn’t be under-estimated. And let’s not forget speed. I’ve been driving a 60.9 for years and I found it fast, but Merlo really outdid itself with the 65.9! The power of this telehandler, combined with its speed, impressive load-lifting capacity and new technologies that were added, make it a tool that greatly enhances our everyday productivity,” said Michael Waldner.

In action, the Turbofarmer 65.9 can lift a full load in 8.7 seconds, lower it in 7.5 seconds, and extend and retract completely in 8.7 and 6 seconds respectively.


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Very powerful and efficient at lifting heavy loads, the Turbofarmer 65.9 is equipped with a 170 HP engine and the latest CVTronic continuously variable transmission allowing it to reach speeds of 40 km/h. The machine lifts heavy without sacrificing efficiency, making it ideal for the lumber industry, heavy duty agriculture, yards, industrial companies, recycling, and many other sectors.

“I just checked in with a customer who bought a TF65.9 from Merlo and had been running it for a few days. I’ve never in all my years of owning and selling Merlo telehandlers ever seen such an awesome machine. It is quite simply in a league of its own! This telehandler can measure up against compact loaders, which we will do starting this fall and winter, ” said Daniel Rooke of D&P Rooke Farms, a Merlo dealer and service centre in Manitoba.



The new system for dynamic load control and automatic frame levelling corrects the machine’s tilt up to 11 degrees, allowing the load to be lifted vertically and reducing the risk of the machine tipping over. This feature is standard on all Turbofarmer 65.9 machines, providing an exceptional safety guarantee to the operator.

New Hydraulic system (HI-FLOW)

The new system delivering a higher flow rate integrates new characteristics to benefit the machine versatility and ease of use. This means:

  • Boom descent by gravity: a new solution that drastically reduces machine hydraulic consumption, allows faster and more fluid movement for increased performance.
  • Automated “Set Point” movements: a new function that allows you to memorise the position of the boom and implement and automate the return to the memorised position simply by pressing a button
  • “Cartesian” automated movements: possibility of making movements that follow Cartesian directives (perfectly vertical movement of the load) with a single movement of the joystick
  • Floating movements (option): activation of the floating mode of the boom, thanks to which, once it is resting on the ground, it will be free to follow the ground movements. Ideal for working with cleaning brushes, snow blade, etc.


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The Merlo Turbofarmer 65.9 is truly a machine designed for endurance to perform difficult and repetitive tasks. The telescopic boom allows for highly precise movement even with a full load. In agriculture, industrial yards or construction sites, its sturdy manufacture, mast suspension and cabin let it move over rough ground while protecting the load and keeping it stable.


Maximum load capacity: 6,500 kg (14,330 lb.)
Maximum lifting height: 8.8 m (28 ft. 10 in.)
Capacity at maximum height: 6,500 kg (14,330 lb.)
Capacity at maximum reach: 2,000 kg (4,410 lb.)
Engine: FPT NEF 45KW – 170 HP
Transmission: 100% hydrostatic
Hydraulic system: Load Sensing + Flow Sharing 160 l/m 250 Bar (High Flow)
Speed 40 km/h

For more information on the Turbofarmer 65.9, consult its product sheet or contact us. Our telescopic specialists will be happy to discuss your needs.