After Merlo introduced its R70 telehandlers to the United States market in early November, they have now made their way to Canada as well. Manulift is happy to welcome the Roto 70.24 S Plus to what is already one of the largest telehandler fleets in North America.

5 Key Takeaways

1. First time Merlo’s Roto 70.24 S Plus has been available in Canada

  • Merlo continues to be an industry leader in the telehandler market. As the exclusive distributor of Merlo machines in Canada, the Roto 70.24 S Plus will offer Canadians working in construction, municipalities and other industrial fields yet another telehandler to help them optimize their operations.

2. State of the art technology

  • The Roto 70.24 S Plus is built with Merlo’s high-end technology. Every aspect of the machine, from the build of the chassis, to the software programmed into the cabin, is designed to make the operation of this telehandler smooth and functional. Merlo’s classic “ROTO Range” allows the machine to rotate 360°, with no need to reposition. It also features a 20-degree tilt cab designed to give the operator a continuous view of the boom and its load.

3. Advanced safety

  • The 70.24 S Plus is one of Merlo’s largest telehandlers, and like the rest of its fleet, safety is paramount in every aspect of the machine. The machine’s Advanced Safety System displays the telehandler’s parameters in real-time, including the stabilizer position, boom extension angle, turret position, carriage rotation, load position and weight. In the build of the machine, each Merlo comes with a steel safety belt around the cabin, 360-degree visibility and Dynamic Load Control. 

4. High-Performance Power and Efficiency

  • Merlo’s high-capacity Roto models offer some of the best power and efficiency in the industry. The machine’s perfect weight distribution, optimal telescopic lifting boom and sliding mechanism designs have allowed for a considerable increase in performance. Moreover, the wireless radio control unit allows for all the movements necessary for the machine’s work activities to be controlled remotely. In this manner, the operator can perform all the assigned tasks independently and in complete safety. In terms of efficiency, this telehandler comes with Merlo’s Eco Power Drive (EPD) technology which automatically controls and adjusts the engine revolutions based on operating conditions. This technology achieves a reduction in fuel consumption of up to 18%.

5. Independent Stabilizers

  • The stabilizers on the Roto 70.24 S Plus are structured to facilitate rapid and safe deployment that can be adjusted based on the operational conditions of the site. Each stabilizer is managed independently from each other to ensure that the telehandler is perfectly level in all situations. The design of the telehandler’s stabilizers guarantees the stabilization of the machine whether the boom is retracted or fully extended. 

Here are the machine’s specs:

  • Maximum load capacity: 7,000kg
  • Maximum lift height: 24.2m
  • Capacity at full lift height: 3,000kg
  • Capacity at full forward reach: 900kg
  • Engine: FPT NEF45 – 170 HP
  • Tilting cab
  • Transmission: 100% Hydrostatic
  • Speed: 40km/h

To learn more about the Roto 70.24 S Plus, click here!