Merlo machines are instantly recognizable by their classic green paint, but with their first-ever fully-electric telehandler they now have a truly green machine in their inventory. The new e-Worker is proving once again that Merlo’s dedication to innovation puts them above the competition. The machine doesn’t produce any emissions, making it the perfect tool for closed environments. Already a game-changer since being introduced to Europe a year ago, the e-Worker will soon make its Canadian debut.

Merlo invests 8.8% of its funds into research and development, unlike other companies that max out at around 2%. Because of this, they can stay ahead of the curve and develop environmentally friendly technology without sacrificing the versatility and power that Merlo is known for.

Another trophy for the shelf

While the Canadian market has yet to get their hands on the e-Worker, the machine has been charging its way through Europe and has the hardware to prove it.

The e-Worker has already won numerous international awards, including the “Samoter Innovation Award” in Verona, the “Grand Prix Matériel” awarded by Chantiers de France and DLR. Now, the machine has added another award to its name, this time for its electric transmission technology. The Cuneo-based company EIMA presented the e-Worker with its “International 20/21 Mentions” award.

The innovative transmission introduces software that controls both the torque and the rotation of the individual motors placed on the wheels to guarantee the correct speed in all possible operating conditions of the telehandler. For example, should the front right wheel start to slip, the other wheels will adjust to ensure the correct rotation speed and torque.

Shockingly good power and versatility

Merlo’s e-Worker comes in two models, the 25.5-60 and the 25.5-90. The main difference between the two is that the 25.5-60 has two electric motorized wheels, while all four of the 25.5-90’s wheels are motorized. While both models are compact, they’ve got some muscle behind them, with a load capacity of 2.5 tons and a 4.80 m lifting height. The e-Worker is also completely silent.

Not only does it have an operating capacity of eight hours, but its zero-emissions also make it perfect for tight indoor work like tunnel construction, mining and stables. All this while still maintaining the power to handle any off-road needs.

Canadian debut in 2021

The e-Worker was released to the European market in late 2019 but will be available to Canadians by summer 2021. As the official distributor of Merlo in Canada, Manulift is excited to showcase just how cost-effective and efficient the e-Worker can be for your operations. From the farm to the mine,

Check out Merlo’s video on their innovative and eco-friendly e-Worker to see the machine in action.

As the exclusive distributor of Merlo in Canada, Manulift plans to bring the e-Worker to Canada by summer 2021. Stay tuned for more information about the e-Worker and the green revolution.