Merlo’s machines are built to provide business owners and machine operators with an efficient and versatile machine that can optimize operations. All of this starts at Merlo’s factory in Cuneo, Italy.

Here are 5 details about Merlo’s factory that help them produce top-of-the-line telehandlers.

1. Builders, not assemblers

It’s rare that companies manufacture all of their parts. Because of this, competitors’ telehandlers often find themselves with pieces that aren’t optimized. This isn’t the case with Merlo. By building all of their pieces, Merlo’s flexibility allows them to produce machines that are 20% more compact than the competition.


2. Massive investments into research & development

Unlike other competitors who typically invest 8.8% of their funds into research & development, meaning that they are always at the forefront of telehandler innovation.


3. Quality control

Before being shipped across the Atlantic, Merlo puts every machine, piece and screw to the test. Merlo ensures that each piece of their machines is of the highest quality thanks to its invidiual testing stations.


4. Weather tested

To make sure that each telehandler is ready to endure Canadian winters, Merlo tests each piece and machine in an artificial weather chamber that can vary from -40 to 60 degrees Celsius.


5. Replacement parts always available

Merlo’s automated warehouse has over 30 million telehandler parts at your disposal. In 2017, they even added a supply line specifically for Canada. This means that Canadians have the same access to parts as for any Merlo branch.

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