The longevity of the genetics of the PANORAMIC range was evident as far back as 1987, when Merlo launched the world’s first telehandler with side engine. Over the years, its unique design and construction have been a source of inspiration for many manufacturers. The PANORAMIC range has skillfully evolved during this time with exclusive technological innovations, the use of dedicated materials and an unparalleled level of safety.

Today, Manulift is proud to present the new PANORAMIC 50.17, exclusive to Canada. It stands out due to its exceptional level of performance and efficiency, a new high-comfort cab, completely redesigned axles and its use of technology to increase safety standards.



The hydrostatic transmission guarantees maximum precision at your fingertips. The side shift system of the boom allows lateral movement of up to 50 cm without moving the machine.


A wide range of attachments specifically designed for Merlo telehandlers, and interfaced with the exclusive automatic recognition system, allows the PANORAMIC to operate in the most demanding of situations, thereby increasing its versatility.

Fuel Efficiency

The entire PANORAMIC range is equipped with hydrostatic transmission. The 50.17 model is equipped with the Eco Power Drive (EPD) electronic management, which reduces the engine’s rpm when high power is not required. In addition, the dry disc brakes allow the machine to limit the absorption of energy, thereby reducing its consumption.


This compact and lightweight machine reduces the maneuvering space required and decreases the impact on the ground. The stabilizers, within the footprint of the machine, do not increase its size when in use, allowing the telehandler to be stabilized in any situation.


The leveling system allows for the correction of the lateral pitch up to 11° in order to lift the load vertically, and the automatic load management system, MCDC, is a standard feature. In addition, the cabs are FOPS and ROPS certified (Level II).


The new cab mounted on a silent-block, which drastically reduces vibrations, and its generous size ensure maximum comfort and maximum visibility for all operators. The operating comfort is further increased by a Tac-Lock system for the hydraulic clamping of attachments.

P50.17 Model Plus Specifications:

  • Unit weight (kg) 14,000
  • Maximum load capacity (kg) 5,000
  • Lift height (m) 16.7
  • Maximum reach (m) 12.5
  • Lift height at max. load capacity (m) 9.1
  • Load capacity at max. lift height (kg) 2,500
  • Load capacity at max. reach (kg) 1,200
  • Boom side shift (mm) +/- 435
  • Frame leveling (%) +/- 10
  • Engine Deutz TCD3.6