VARENNES, December 5th, 2017 /Manulift EMI/ – Merlo has always been synonymous with advanced technology in the telehandler field.  It offers innovative solutions that anticipate the needs and possible orientations of the most competitive markets.

The outcomes of this commitment are compact, easy to handle telehandlers ensuring incomparable operating performance, comfort, efficiency and safety.

Merlo is very popular in the snow removal industry due to its speed and power. Being the only telehandler to have been registered as an agricultural tractor, Merlo pushes the snow more than any other equal sized equipment. One of the main advantages of Merlo is its versatility and its ability to work 365 days a year, optimizing the operations of contractors.

All Merlo models move at 40km/h, allow a 360 ° vision, are very malleable thanks to the 4 directional wheels and can position the snow strategically to save space with the telehandler boom. In addition, the electronic engine management allows for significant fuel economy:

“I have never seen something as powerful while having reduced fuel consumption; it’s 40% less costly than the competition.” – LONGUE POINTE CHRYSLER

The most efficient ranges for snow removal applications are:

Compact (27.6, 30.9, 33.7); Medium Duty (35.7, 42.7); Heavy Duty (50.8, 55.9, 75.9)

  • Compact size, maneuverability and speed
  • Load capacity from 2.7 to 7.5 tonnes in operational chart
  • Bucket capacity from 3 to 5 yards
  • The most spacious cab in the industry
  • CVTronic hydrostatic transmission available; offers maximum torque to increase performance

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