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Turbofarmer 38.10 TTCS Telehandler, Compact Tractor
8,400 lbs Maximum Charge
31 feet Maximal Height
Turbofarmer 42.7 TTCS Telehandler, Compact Tractor
9,260 lbs Maximum Charge
24 feet Maximal Height
Turbofarmer 50.8 T CS Telehandler, Compact Tractor
11,025 lbs Maximum Charge
26 feet Maximal Height
Turbofarmer 65.9 TCS Telehandler, Compact Tractor
14,330 lbs Maximum Charge
29 feet Maximal Height
Roto 70.24 S Plus Telehandler, Rotating Telehandler
15,500 lbs Maximum Charge
66 feet Maximal Height
6036 Telehandler
6,000 lbs Maximum Charge
36 feet Maximal Height
6042 Telehandler
6,000 lbs Maximum Charge
41 feet Maximal Height
8042 Telehandler
8,000 lbs Maximum Charge
41 feet Maximal Height
A38E Scissor & Boom Lift, Articulated Boom Lift
474 lbs Maximum Charge
44 feet Maximal Height
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Industrial forklift

Industrial machines are critical tools for yards and manufacturing plants, particularly for recurring heavy-load handling. For many years now, European manufacturers have made a significant operational shift from wheel loaders and straight booms to much more efficient and versatile telescopic handlers. While the transition has been slower in Canada for several key players, it is well under way and the forerunners will tell you that they never want to go back.

As a result of their forward reach and 360° visibility, the telescopic handlers distributed by Manulift enable better access to different materials and especially greater stability in transporting and moving the materials. This has the effect of making workplaces safer and ensuring efficiency in daily tasks. The machines’ speed and stability also enable operations to be performed quickly, without jeopardizing the load. This makes it easy for operators to move at fast speeds, which speeds up all the processes and allows companies to achieve even more gains in efficiency. The versatility of the available attachments also provides additional versatility in the type of jobs that can be performed and the loads that can be lifted.

Merlo is a leader in this field, by offering some of the most prominent products in the industry and enabling a range of complementary actions. Their products meet all industry needs, in addition to providing opportunities such as snow removal and building maintenance, which are well appreciated by our various customers.

Exclusive distributor of Merlo products in Canada

The best telescopic handlers in the country