Merlo’s fleet is defined by its versatility, and when it comes to their attachments, the same dedication applies.

Here are 5 attachments that will help you get the most out of your Merlo and take your operations to the next level.

1. Rehandling Bucket

With a capacity of 3,000 lbs and a width of 2.5 m, the rehandling bucket is perfect for anything from excavation duties to construction and agriculture. The rehandling bucket is made to last, with a front cutting edge made of high resistance steel that’s protected for use on public roads.

2. Snow Blade

With winter just around the corner, snow removal businesses are gearing up to prepare their fleets. With a width of 11-13 feet and height of 30″-36″ depending on the model, this attachment from Metal Pless is sure to plow through any snow in its way, no matter how deep. Check out our Instagram post to see the snowplow in action.

3. Extendable Slewing Platform

The Extendable Slewing Platform is ideal for your construction needs. Whether you’re building a house or anything else, it’s safety features are what make it such an appealing attachment. That’s why the Extendable Slewing Platform comes equipped with an automatic load limiter, that locks movements in case of weight overload, as well as anti-slip flooring.

4. Floating Forks Carriage

The floating forks carriage can step in to fill whatever forklifting duties you need. Equipped with a carriage that’s helps stabilize anything from a large stacks of pallets to construction equipment, and everything in between. With the floating forks carriage, you can get the benefits of a forklift while still being able to switch between other attachments with ease. This means that you’re able to maximize the full potential of your Merlo when you’re on the work site.

5. Space System 

There aren’t many places that a Merlo Roto can’t reach, but in those rare cases, the Space System is the perfect attachment to give you that extra length. Whether it’s window installation like you see in the picture above, or working on the underside of a bridge, the Space System offers the same versatility as the machine it’s attached to. Alongside a self-levelling basket made of hollow aluminum bars and anti-slip aluminum sheet flooring, the Space System offers 36 feet of extended height. The Space System can’t quite get you to the moon, but it can get you pretty close.

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