Merlo offers platforms that will transform your operations when it comes to “lifting” your workforce, literally. 

Manulift leads the Canadian market as the telescopic specialist & leader, and offers a wide range of Merlo attachments. The operator can use the quick attachment with the hydraulic Tac-Lock system to change the attachment without leaving the cab and with no manual intervention. It is safe to say that Merlo has everything it takes to meet the various needs of Canadian contractors. Whether you need a fork for unloading or handling material, a bucket for excavating material, a boom for lifting material off a roof, an handle for transporting bales of hay, or even a platform for lifting your workers, you will find what you are looking for!

Here are 5 good reasons to opt for a Merlo platform


1. Save on manpower (working time) with the radio-controlled platform 

All models are equipped with a control unit used to manage movements of the mast and platform directly on the platform. This is of course a significant advantage that generates considerable time savings, eliminating the need to have an operator working in the machine.

A contractor can therefore save up to $6,200 a year with the radio-controlled platform

2. A work tool as comfortable as it is powerful – yet unmatched in the industry 

Not only are the Merlo platforms easy to access, but they are among the largest on the market. Indeed, they reach up to 15 feet (4.5 m) in width and 5 feet (1.5 m) in depth. Also, they have an impressive lifting capacity of up to 2,200 lb (1,000 kg). This represents twice the surface area and 18 times the load capacity of a conventional platform! 

Maximizing the amount of material lifted and minimizing the need to get back down on the ground, the platform brings tangible benefits. For example, a contractor with two men on board can get up to $6,500 per month in labour savings (30% productivity gain for two full-time men). 

3. Several safety features to protect your labour and maximize their efficiency 

  • Easy to access (slewing); 
  • Device for blocking movements in the event the load limit is exceeded; 
  • Non-slip floor;
  • Control panel for controlling movements from within the platform;
  • The front opening makes loading of materials easier and eliminates the need to climb over the railing. 

4. Several models are available for any types of work 

Wether it’s for doing maintenance on a building or a small municipal infrastructure, metal or brick siding, installation of glass or windows, or more hazardous work under bridges or underground, Merlo offers a complete range of platforms to meet a wide variety of needs: 

  • Fixed platform for 2 workers (440 lb to 660 lb), for easy access to tight spaces;
  • Slewing platform (fixed or extendable), versatile and easily transportable;
  • Slewing platform with protection hood;
  • Full opening or front loading (660 lb, 1,760 lb or 2,200 lb);
  • Space plateforme.



5. Working safely in tight or hard-to-reach areas 

Designed to work in tight spaces, slewing platforms allow the telehandler to be parallel to a building, with the platform at 90-degree angle. This maximizes the covered building area and reduces the need to reposition the machine. This feature is very beneficial for exterior siding or masonry work. 

Access to buildings and work areas is safe and efficient due to the platform’s versatility and capacity. It is like a hybrid between a boom lift and a scissors lift. – Alexis Robichaud (Maçonnerie Nouveau-Monde)


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The SPACE platform is available with ROTO telehandlers and is absolutely outstanding. With its telescopic platform arm on a vertical post and its rotation mechanism, this platform allows an operator to work safely under a bridge. The platform can be in the reverse position while the Merlo is mounted on the deck. 

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