Owning and operating a farm is hard work. You have to be able to work quickly, efficiently and smartly. If your equipment isn’t able to keep up, you’re going to run into problems.

Here are 5 ways a Merlo machine can improve your farming operation.


1. Never sits idle

Merlo machines are built to be used every single day. From winter to summer, to excavating, material handling and stacking hay bales, there’s no job that the Merlo can’t be used for. It’ll never sit idle.


2. Quickly move between tasks

Time is one the most valuable resources on a farm. With a Merlo, you’re able to go from stacking hay bales, to feeding livestock quickly and efficiently.


3. Compact and easy to use

While its European design and technology may give the impression that Merlos are difficult to master, the truth is exactly the opposite. Farmers who have bought Merlos are constantly telling us about how quickly they were able to get used to the machine. Their compact design makes it easy to access any area of your farm.

4. Assortment of attachments

Forks, buckets, snow plows, hay bale clamps, manure forks and everything in between. Operating a farm means being ready for any job, and with Merlo’s wide range of attachments, you’ll always be ready.

5. Able to replace other machines

Merlos are able to take on the role of almost any farming equipment because of their versatility. Just listen to what one of our Albertan farmers thinks of his Merlo.

“Our Multifarmer has been a real asset, we’ve been able to trim down the amount of equipment on the farm. It’s replaced a front wheel assist tractor and a skid steer, as well as taking on new jobs like the stacking of square bales.”


  • David Reinhardt, Hunt Legacy Farms


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