From construction sites to agricultural operations, compact telehandlers offers increased productivity and efficiency. That’s why Merlo has invested in manufacturing the most compact and powerful telehandlers on the market!

Here are 5 reasons to use a compact telehandler for your operations!


Merlo’s compact telehandlers are designed to improve productivity while allowing operators to easily work in tight areas. Light but powerful, these compact telehandlers can lift up to 8,000 lbs, while allowing operators to manoeuvre with ease. Just one of the reasons they are the most versatile telehandlers on the market.

This compact design and stability allow them to use heavy-duty attachments such as 2-yard buckets.

On a farm, these telehandlers offer incredible manoeuvring capabilities and can go from task to task with ease. On construction sites, they’re perfect for material handling since they can access any location.


Compact design, perfectly calibrated chassis and tight turning radium are just some of the elements that make Merlo a top telehandler manufacturer.

“I have a TurboFarmer 35.7. Compared to a tractor, it’s much more compact. All four wheels turn, the tight turning radium is a plus and there isn’t a single tractor out there that’s as quick while material handling in reverse as a Merlo. This is my fifth Merlo now!”

— Charles Luneau, Ferme Montrémi


It’s not surprising to see Merlo’s compact telehandlers being used in a multitude of trades or industries. Already well established in agriculture (dairy, cattle, poultry, hay) as well as in the construction sectors, they have also been adopted by recycling companies, municipalities, mines and even by the film industry! Due to their versatility, several companies in Ontario have adopted the compact Merlo for their summer landscaping and winter snow removal operations.

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Even in their compact telehandlers, security is the most important feature on every Merlo. Their extra-large cabin isn’t just well protected, it also offers operators a 360-degree view. Their chassis and robust booms are designed to protect the operator and key components of the machine. Perfectly calibrated, Merlo telehandlers offer a low centre of gravity that increases their stability.


State-of-the-art technology

Before anything else, Merlo are innovators of the telehandler industry. From their Quick-Attach system to their fuel-efficient motors that help operators with a 20% fuel efficiency, to their 360-degree visibility cabin, they’re always pushing their machines to the next level. These integrated technologies make Merlo the most productive telehandler in the world.

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