Construction sites can be busy, hectic places, but your machinery shouldn’t. Merlo offers a wide range of compact, versatile and safety-focused telehandlers that are perfect for any construction project.

Here are 5 advantages that having a Merlo telehandler can have on your construction site.

1. Versatility

The first you’ll notice about a Merlo when it’s on construction is its versatility. Their telehandlers can replace the capabilities of other machines like skid steers and forklifts. They can be trusted to handle any and all of your lifting needs, as well as moving materials across worksites. This versatily makes them the ideal machine to help you go from task to task on the construction site.

2. Increased Productivity

With their speed and efficiency, Merlo telehandlers can help any worksite become at least 20% more productive. Just listen to what one of our clients had to say:

“I went from 1 Merlo and 4 workers to 13 Merlos and 50 workers. I’m at least 25% more efficient than I was before without even counting the massive gains in productivity that the machines bring.”

– Sébastian Lacourse, SLG Construction

3. Easy to Use

Operators want to feel comfortable in their machines, and Merlo telehandlers are some of the most intuitive in the industry. Add that to the largest telehandler cabin out there and 360-degree visibility, and you have a telehandler that’s easy to use and comfortable to work in.

4. Advanced Safety

Merlo’s commitment to innovation starts with the most vital aspect of any machine: Safety. The aforementioned 360-degree visibility allows operators to have a complete awareness of their surroundings, a critical detail on busy construction sites. With dynamic load control, a 7cm thick steel belt that wraps around the cabin and automatic stabilizing and levelling features, Merlo telehandlers are built to keep your workers safe.

5. Compact and Maneuverable

Space can be tight on a construction site, but Merlo’s telehandlers are all built to enhance maneuverability through their compact designs. Whether you’re on the edge of a pit, or weaving between workers, other machines and cars, Merlo offers high-end options that are perfect for worksites.

To learn more about how Merlo telehandlers can help you optimize your construction projects, click here!