Roofers around the country are adopting the telehandler to facilitate their work, be more productive and efficient. While the 17 meters booms and stabilizers are perfect for smaller jobs, more and more roofing entrepreneurs, such as B Serra and Sons Roofing, discover the benefits of owning a rotating telehandler. The Merlo Roto is quickly becoming the trusted equipment in the GTA area.

Here are 5 advantages of having a Merlo Roto for your roofing enterprise.

1. Increased Productivity

With their speed and efficiency, Merlo Roto telehandlers can help any roofing contractor become at least 10% more productive. Just listen to what one of our clients had to say:

“With the Roto, I can work up to 50% faster. I need less men, and the ones I have can work faster and are productive all day. The telehandler does the hard work for them and so they are less tired at the end of the day” – Tiago Serra, B Serra and Sons Roofing

A Merlo Roto is 10 to 50% faster depending on the job. You can save up to one day per week and make significant operation gains. For example:

  • For mobilization and demobilization, no need to set up a hoist (45 min saved).
  • You can lift 3-4 pieces of equipment at a time with the Roto thanks to its superior loading capacity, as opposed to 1 with a hoist.
  • No crane rentals needed anymore so if you don’t own a boom truck, you save on deliveries.
  • Waste management and gravel hoisting made way easier and quicker while causing less noise, dust, etc.

2. Compacity and efficiency

The compact design allows the Merlo Roto to access and set-up easily in tight areas. With the speed and precision of the boom and jib winch attachment, roofers can also leave material on the ground to make more room to work on the roof.

The wind often blows hard on roofs and can throw off material off the building which is very dangerous. Instead, the material is lifted more often at the exact area where it is needed, increasing productivity, and reducing walking back and forth on the roof.

3. Easy to operate

Merlo Roto are extremely easy and intuitive to operate, either inside the cab with a 360-degree visibility or outside the cab with the control unit. Our experienced trainer will teach any of your men to operate the Roto in a matter of hours. With its advanced anti-tipping system, any of your worker can operate the Roto safely.

This becomes a way to attract and retain labour as well.

4. Remote control your load

The control unit allows the operator to work directly from the roof and see everything better. It allows you to save by having one less man and to increase safety on site.

5. Advance safety

Merlo’s commitment to innovation starts with the most vital aspect of any machine: Safety. The aforementioned 360-degree visibility allows operators to have a complete awareness of their surroundings, a critical detail on busy construction sites. With dynamic load control, a 7cm thick steel belt that wraps around the cabin and automatic stabilizing and levelling features, Merlo Roto telehandlers are built to keep your workers safe.

Workers don’t need to go too close to the side of the roof anymore and the machine working for them really decreases the chances of mistakes or accidents due to tiredness.

If you would like to increase your productivity like Tiago Serra did, click here to see our full range of products. You can also contact our telehandler specialists to discuss your needs. They will be happy to help you.