As a city or municipality, you want to be as efficient as possible when it comes to your fleet of heavy machinery to do all munipical work. Merlo’s versatility allows you to reduce your cost-per-hour since you can get more done with less men, in less time. 

Here are five ways that municipalities can take advantage of a Merlo.

1. Seasonal Applications

Whether it’s clearing snow from the streets and setting up Christmas lights on streetlights, to cutting grass and boating, Merlo machines offer the versatility to move from winter to summer conditions and applications with ease.

2. Landscaping

It’s no surprise that Merlo machines are so popular with landscapers. Excavating, moving equipment, or placing concrete flower pots have never been easier. This speed and efficiency result in a minimum 5% operational gain.

3. Material Handling

Merlo’s allow you to maximize your material handling needs thanks to the their versatility, power and the easy switch from one attachment to the other. Optimize your operations and minimize your handling costs by utilizing a Merlo!


4. Events

Setting up and tearing down stages, moving chairs and fences, events can be tiring affairs with all the manual labour that needs to be done. If you’re using a a variety of machines to get the job done, costs can rise quickly. Merlo machines are versatile and compact enough to replace the capabilities of multiple machines and move through event spaces with efficiency.


5. Maintenance on Public Buildings

When you have a machine working in public spaces, you need it to be efficient, powerful and compact. Able to maneuver tight corners and handle heavy lifts, Merlo offers the ideal machine for working on public buildings and other municipal maintenance needs.

To learn more about how Merlo machines can help improve your municipal operations, click here!