Aménagement Côté Jardin is nearly finished their work on the historic square Viger after having been hired by Pomerleau. Côté Jardin was tasked with providing all the urban landscaping for the square.

The $28 M project has aimed to restore square Viger and make it a friendly, accessible and safe place for community gatherings. The company, also known for its work at Parc Jean Drapeau and on Sainte-Catherine Street, was able to trust the Merlo telescopes to ensure the realization of this new major project!

“We bought a second Merlo, a TF33.7, for this project. We chose it for its speed and reliability,” said Mathieu Morissette of Aménagement Côté Jardin. “We are very satisfied, especially with the operator’s visibility on the site. All the installations at square Viger require exact precision.”

Côté Jardin is an urban development company working mainly in the commercial, public and institutional sectors. The company is recognized for meeting deadlines and the highest quality standards, regardless of the project’s constraints. This success is due to more than 30 years of experience, their qualified and dedicated staff, their subcontractors and suppliers who share their values.

With the help of their two Merlo telehandlers, a TF33.7 and a TF38.10, they continue to carry out impressive projects. Their work on the square Viger includes everything from the installation of plantations, water basins, earthworks, etc.

Their Merlo telehandlers were able to replace the traditional loaders they used before. The versatility of Merlo machines helps them achieve significant productivity gains. In addition, the incomparable stability of these machines is one of the main reasons that convinced them — not just once, but twice — to invest in a Merlo and work with Manulift.

The square Viger was officially inaugurated on September 11, 1860. Since then, it has become an important gathering place for the citizens of Montreal. Square Viger was Montreal’s first public garden and one of its first parks.

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