With the residential construction sector booming, masons all across Canada are quickly working to optimize their operations. To do so, they need a versatile, robust and productive machine to help them complete their projects quickly and efficiently. Built exclusively for Canadians, the PANORAMIC 50.17 from Merlo is the perfect telehandler for the masonry industry. Thanks to its speed, power, compact design and numerous other advantages, it’s no surprise more and more masons are investing in this telehandler.

Here are 5 reasons why Canadian masons are trusting Merlo telehandlers for their operations!

1. Power and Versatility

The P50.17 offers a lifting height of 56 feet and a maximum load capacity of 11,000 lbs! They can easily reach 40 km/h and are ready to complete any task with efficiency and precision.

“On my masonry projects, the Merlo P50.17 is ahead of the game with its speed, precision and 360-degree visibility from inside the cabin. It’s increased our productivity and efficiency a lot. All my guys want to drive it!” said Simon Brousseau, President of SIMBRO.

2. Fast deploying boom

Whether it’s being used to unload a truck, move pallets or lift materials to your workers on scaffolding, the P50.17 is equipped with a robust boom that offers rapid deployment. You can easily lift bricks or other materials to roofs, or attach a platform and lift your man in complete security.

3. Independent stabilizers

Rapid-deploying stabilizers are built into the P50.17, as well as a stabilizer system for the chassis. This increases the machine’s stability, precision and allows the operator to work on unequal terrain with ease. The P50.18 offers the same advantages as the P50.17 minus the stabilizers.

4. Unique characteristics

Merlo telehandlers offer a wide range of advantages compared to the competition. The side-shift feature allows for the boom to move sideways 50 cm in each direction and reduces the amounts of machine moves per day. Like all Merlo telehandlers, the P50.17 offers the Italian manufacturers trademark cabin, the largest and most comfortable cabin in the industry.

Their compact and light design increases their manoeuvrability and reduces their ground impact. Its impressive turning radius allows masons to operate their machines easily through tight spaces. We can’t forget that the cabin suspension system increases the stability of the boom and allows operators to drive more quickly and smoothly

5. Built for Canadians

It’s true, the P50.17 from Merlo was built specifically for Canadian compagnies! It’s a popular choice among masons, as well as carpenters, general contractors, roofing companies and many more. Act now before they’re all gone!

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