Snow removal is a long and arduous process. Late-nights and early mornings often mesh into one, operators put in hard hours making sure that the roads are safe to drive on. Recently, with heavy snowfalls hitting all of Canada, snow removal operations have been hard at work. In Ontario, more and more landscapers are adding Merlo telehandlers to their fleets. 

We decided to ask the people who count on these machines every day why they trust Merlo telehandlers for their snow removal operations.

Chris Arnold – Freelance Snow Removal Machine Operator

“I first started driving Merlo telehandlers with Chris Pereira of Canadian Property Management. We were looking for something that was the best of both worlds. A machine that would combine the capabilities of a loader and a tractor. We came across Merlo online and wondered why no one in the GTA seemed to be running anything like them. It was love at first sight. Merlo just outperformed anything else we had used over the years.”


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“The 0-to-40 km/h speed was the first thing to catch my eye. The comfort was also a big plus with the cab suspension. You wouldn’t want to take a regular tractor with a full load going 40 km/h on a bad road. You feel every bump. With the Merlo, it absorbs a lot of that impact. “We tend to keep our shifts to eight hours, but we often go longer. More work means more time in the machine. You can easily end up spending 12 hours in a Merlo, and you don’t feel wiped by the end. But the guy that runs the tractor, at the end of his shift he’s just beat. We had in the Merlo one day, and he was blown away.”

“The pushing capacity as well, no matter how tight you turn them, they’ll keep pushing. When you have a Merlo, you can put a bucket on the front, and it’ll do everything a front-wheel assist loader will do.”

“This year we had another driver join the team. They came in, had no experience with telehandlers, and picked it up extremely quickly. And even he was surprised at how easy it was to drive! I had a Merlo up near my property, and my mom got in it and figured it out. I had never shown her how to use it. Next thing I know I’m coming home from work and there she is. It’s straightforward, almost like driving a car.”

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Henri Gelms – President, Danasy Landscaping

“The reason why we purchased a Merlo TF 35.7CS in November 2020 was because of its road travel speed and extending boom. The ride control is amazing. You feel good in the machine, even after hours, because we do have to spend a lot of time in it.”

“We were looking for a machine within a certain price range. We thought about spending that money on a loader, but the Merlo can just do more. It can really push the snow well, and it handles great with a snow blade.”

“My operators always tell me it’s like driving a limousine. It’s absolutely a machine we see as part of our long-term future.”

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T.J. Bryk – Owner, The Ground Guys of Toronto

“I took the Merlo telehandlers for a demo, and the handling, how smooth they were, and the turning capability is what sold me on it. You’re also able to move around pretty quickly. I bought the Merlo TF 42.7 in November 2020. They’re right at the price range of what the average loader would cost, but loaders don’t have the options that the Merlo have with the boom and turning ability. Both my operators are driving the machines and are loving them. The fuel economy seems to be a bit better as well.”

“We’ve put the big snow pusher with the wings and the four-yard bucket. It can really move snow well. The manoeuvrability and handling are phenomenal. In the loader, you can see a lot. The times I’ve sat in the Merlo, even though you’re a bit lower, you can see even better. I’ve driven all kinds of machines, but I would say the Merlo ranks right at the top in terms of handling.”

“Whenever we’ve had issues, the service team was there within a couple of hours, and that was on Christmas Day. They do their job, and they’re gone.”

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