Like many family businesses, Marygold Farm embodies a passion passed down from generation to generation for many years now. Speaking of generation, the next one is preparing to continue the legacy at Marygold, and it will be 100% feminine !

We spoke with Frédérique Dutil, (proud farmer and daughter of René Dutil, Manulift customer), who, at just 18, is preparing to take over the helm of the family business accompanied by her sister Mireille. Here’s a spotlight on the vision of this new generation of women farmers.

Can you tell us what your role currently is on the farm ?

Since the family is still very involved and I am still studying, I am currently working part-time for our farm which has 300 heads and 150 cows in lactation and freestall with robots.

What do you like the most and the least about the family farm lifestyle?

The tasks are super diversified in this environment, we have the chance to work in many areas and to have a lot of responsibilities. You learn something new everyday. Unfortunately, we cannot control everything, our operations depend a lot on the temperature, the equipment and the access to a good qualified and dedicated workforce. 

What advice would you give to young girls who want to work on a farm or take the family farm ownership one day?

Take your place, it belongs to you as much as to anyone else. Farming is a matter of passion, not gender!

What do you think are some of the essential qualities needed to become a good farmer?

Farming is a demanding job for which you do not count your hours. It must become a way of life more than a job, we are always ”at work” more or less. To succeed in the field, I think it is essential to be a persevering person, because there are ups and downs. It also takes great resourcefulness to manage a set of tasks. I would also say that it takes ambition, the desire to win. These are the essential qualities for me! 

Your family purchased a telescopic tractor from Manulift. How do you use it and what are its main benefits for your dairy farm daily operations?

We currently have a Merlo MultiFarmer 40.7 which is used to move our hay bales, transport silage, handle pallets, clear snow from the field and much more. It is a very versatile, efficient and comfortable machine. We put 750 hours on it last year, which clearly demonstrates its importance in our daily lives!

Merlo 40.7 en action sur le territoire agricole de la ferme Marygold

You actually went to your high school prom driving the Merlo! What was the reaction from your classmates at your arrival?

It was a big hit. Obviously, the other students were quite impressed when I arrived. It is not very common way of transportation! 


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What are you currently studying?

I currently study at l’Institut de technologie agroalimentaire du Québec à Saint-Hyacinthe, in the Management and technology for agricultural businesses. It’s exciting and motivating, I love my courses! 

What will the the next few months look like for you, whether at work, at school but also on your free time?

The next few months will be busy for me. I will divide my time between the end of the semester, the start of sowing and then harvest time, which will come quickly. I will also do an internship on a dairy farm all summer, in addition to continuing to work part-time on our farm. A busy schedule!

In conclusion, anything to say about Manulift and the relationship your business has with ours?

Manulift is truly a dynamic team, always listening and dedicated to helping its customers. We all love our Merlo as much as the service we receive all year long. We feel that Manulift wants to make us more efficient and better at what we do! 

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