Jennifer Paquet is a poultry farmer in Saint-Gabriel-de-Valcartier at Fermes Avicoles Paquet. While living in Montreal working on a completely different career path, certain events led her and her sister to quickly take over their father’s farm. Just a few years later, not only has she grown to love her new job, but her business his still growing.

She began to optimize her business by implementing new technology around the farm, including two Merlo P27.6 EE Top telehandlers. These machines are now a central part of their operation. Despite their growth, the Paquet sisters are committed to keeping their business family-centred with their employees. Jennifer prioritizes her people’s security, comfort and well-being. That’s why they trust Merlo telehandlers to take care of their people and to ensure the long-term success of their business.


Working with UPA and ACFA

That same care for her community and workers is what inspired her to get involved with the UPA, to set up the “Travailleur de rang” project in her region with ACFA. When Manulift heard of this initiative, we knew we had to get involved. At Manulift we are privileged to be able to associate ourselves with such causes that are dear to our hearts and to agricultural producers who have a great one.

As with any modern poultry business, their Merlo telehandlers are mainly used for loading manure. Their versatility, strength, speed and compactness also allow them to perform a variety of tasks on the farm and they quickly became an indispensable tool for Jennifer and her business.

“Being a farmer is a way of life. You have to want to get up in the morning and work because you have to work every morning! More and more farmers are educated. It’s about business, it’s about management, all aspects of accounting, finance, we have to do everything,” said Jennifer Paquet.

Merlo: Versatile machinery at the core of your business!

Producers like Jennifer have a varity of tasks to accomplish so they need versatile machinery. That’s why farmers are turning towards Merlo range of agricultural telehandlers For Jennifer, Merlo’s ease of operation and their compact design are just some of the reasons she loves her machines!

“Having machines that are safe and efficient both saves time and reduces mistakes. As a manager, the speed of the machine is an advantage. For my operators, it’s the comfort of the cabin and the ease of operation that they love,” adds Jennifer.

Even though Paquet Poultry Farms is a family farm, they still have a dozen full-time employees. Their workers are essential to the business and have become an extended part of their family. Their well-being is one of the reasons she joined forces with l’UPA and l’ACFA to help support farmers’ mental health in their areas thanks to their Travailleur de rang project.

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