Luka Croteau is a dairy farmer in Notre-Dame-du-Sacré-Cœur-d’Issoudun. He counts on his Merlo TurboFarmer to be an essential part of his operations! He uses it for everything around his farm, including snow plowing, lifting hay bales and cleaning his barn. The versatility of his TurboFarmer 33.7 gives him confidence that he’s able to do any and every task on his farm with ease!

“I wake up at four in the morning, fire in my eyes, a knife between my teeth and a ‘let’s go’ attitude. The Merlo handles everything from feeding the cows, cleaning, it’s really essential. It’s like we have three machines wrapped into one,” said Croteau.

“We do about 2,000 hours on it a year, and that’s on the low end. We’re more than capable of putting 2,500 hours a year on it.”

He adds a

He adds a powerful quote that sums up what his machine can bring him on a daily basis:

“In life, things don’t always go well, but you can make sure that the jobs you do often go well.”

And how is the Merlo TurboFarmer standing up to Croteau’s high standards?

“When you try a Merlo, it’s another game, you can’t go back to anything else!” he said

Watch the full testimony below:

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