A second-generation company firmly established in the Greater Toronto Area, B-Serra & Sons Roofing has enjoyed considerable growth since its startup in the roofing business more than 30 years ago. Tiago Serra, company vice-president and son of the founder, said:

“Our environment is both dynamic and anything but routine, but it’s also a very unpredictable and weather-dependent field. Therefore, we need to work harder and find innovative solutions to raise our efficiencyand constantly do better to make the most of our working hours and related costs. “

Thinking and acting differently to enhance productivity

This thinking led the company to make a positive change at several levels by acquiring a Merlo Roto 50.30 nearly two years ago. With this new super-versatile tool, the team can now replace multiple equipments by combining their efficiency  and functions into one single machine. Tiago highlights this when discussing the greatest advantages of his new machine:

“All the tasks formerly required a specific device, but with the Merlo, we can now combine all our needs and meet them with a single machine. “

This is an enormous saving for the team, allowing them to respond more effectively to the many requests from customers:

“Time is money, so when it takes a certain amount of time to set up several machines such as a boom truck and a lifting appliance, it’s less profitable for us and for the customer, too. With the Merlo, it’s safe to say that we have cut this set-up time in half on our work sites. “ – Tiago Serra, Vice-President B-Serra & Sons Roofing

Compact, efficient and easy to use, even remotely!

The work sites on which B-Serra & Sons Roofing operates are not always the most generous in terms of space nor the easiest to move around in. A boom truck simply cannot enter many of them. With a Merlo Roto, space is not an issue. The machine is so compact and easy to manoeuvre that even the smallest spaces are accessible.

Moreover, remote radio control provides visibility in its operation so the operator can perform all his tasks without needing another employee at his side to guide him:

“These many remote features are the biggest advantages of buying a Merlo. They are easy to use and save us two or three men on the work site.

All these factors taken together make day-to-day operations more efficient, especially the different handling tasks:

“The reason B-Serra decided to buy a Merlo and choose Manulift was in large part because we saw work sites continuously shrinking and our crane trucks often couldn’t even access them anymore. The Roto is so compact that we can move about almost anywhere on a work site, and once the stabilizers are in place, we have 360 degrees of access to the building. We couldn’t wish for a better feature in our work! “ – Tiago Serra

More opportunities through an all-in-one

The key point of their purchase can be summed up very simply: versatility! The Merlo Roto 50.30 design presents many advantages to both increase efficiency and help them cut costs. The fact that they no longer need to rent common equipment drastically changes the situation on site. Moreover, since the machine belongs to them, they no longer have to worry about downtime or involuntary stops due to weather, they do not pay for nothing.

Safety in operation and in prevention

When you buy a Merlo 50.30, you profit not only from the machine itself, but also from Manulift’s experience and all the support available to you. When we talk about safety, these two elements taken together generate complete peace of mind. The machine itself is very safe and eliminates many manual tasks on the work site. Take Merlo’s unique anti-tipping system, for example. It is a way to adequately protect its employees by giving them a key tool to perform their work.

All this is complemented by Manulift safety, whose team acts as preferred partner in case of problems or questions. This point is highlighted by the B-Serra team:

“The service provided by Manulift is simply excellent, among the best I have ever experienced. The company is always there to help or troubleshoot. All their employees are dedicated and answer our questions when we call them, which is a big plus for us. “

A positive experience across the board

As Tiago Serra says, the experience with their Merlo rotating telescopic handler is positive across the board. Not only can the machine be operated by all its employees and be driven without long and complex training, it also saves its team a great deal of time and makes it much easier to perform better quality work, all ultimately to the benefit of customers.

“We’ve owned our Merlo 50.30 for two years now and since day one, I’ve been repeating that this is the best purchase I’ve made for the team and the company. With its savings and the headaches it avoids, it is really a roofer’s need.


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