Join us as we delve into the heart of Dan Jeffrey’s beef production farm, where the introduction of Manulift Telehandlers became the turning point in his agricultural journey. Let Dan himself tell you his top 3 reasons why our telehandlers have not just improved but revolutionized the very fabric of Dan’s daily life on the farm. Scroll down to watch the FULL video. Before reading this, we need to warn you: You’ll never want to ride your loader ever again.

1 – You will eliminate a day worth of equipment runtime each week.

  • Every minute of runtime costs you fuel, wear and tear, and depreciation on your equipment.
  • If you’re like most farms, you probably spend more time doing loader work than any other job using machinery.
  • With the right tool for the job, you’ll make everyday chores faster and easier.


“Not only are we saving on loader hours; we are saving more hours and fuel on all the other feeding equipment because we are more efficient and quicker,  you can almost cut a day out at the end of the week … almost”

2 – One machine replaces two

  • Loaders, tractors, and skid steers have their pros and cons, but it’s too expensive to have more pieces of equipment than necessary to get the job done.
  • They are not your average loaders!  Merlo combines maneuverability, visibility, and compactness to go anywhere you need to go, and the power, capacity, and reach to do anything you need to do.
  • Work smart, not harder with unmatched reach and capacity in a compact frame. The Merlo can take on almost any job other loaders can do and many jobs they can’t.


“One guy can do a lot more in that machine in a day then two guys with two machines. I think right now you can save $100k by having one machine instead of two machines.”

3 – Unique operator comfort and safety

  • Tough work and repetitive motions can be hard on operators working long hours.
  • Unique Merlo Cab Suspension provides unmatched comfort, reduces operator fatigue and brings unparalleled joystick precision.
  • Merlo’s 360° visibility and rear-facing cameras allow you to operate the unit more efficiently, safely and with added confidence.
  • Work safely as the MERLO Dynamic Load Control monitors the stability of the Turbofarmer preventing incidents by locking out motions that could put you, the machine, and your surroundings at risk.


“It’s like driving your pickup truck… You can run  for five-six hours and you don’t have a sore back. It is just more enjoyable going across a cultivated field with that air suspension, its night and day even versus a tractor.”

Want to hear straight from a proud Merlo owner, operator and beef producer? Here’s Dan Jeffrey from Jeffrey Farms in Stratford, Ontario:

As seen in this video: