On a busy day on a construction site in the Ottawa region, you might not see Winston Miller all day. While the rest of his team works outside, methodically working their way through residential framing projects, Winston spends nearly 10 hours a day inside the tinted glass cabin of his Merlo Roto 50.35 acting as the maestro for all site operations.

From inside his Roto he’s able to manage the whole operation through headsets and cameras he has attached to the boom of his machine.

“The Roto is an absolute game-changer,” says Winston. “I can run the whole entire site, I can be in the machine on the phone organizing the trucks, I can talk to the guys, and I can oversee everything. I can just focus on directing the guys, and we get into a rhythm. It’s just a super-efficient place to be.”

Frame Like A Pro

Their Roto 50.35 is one of three Merlo telehandlers that Winston owns and operates. They also have a P72.10 and a P25.6 that are used to unload trucks, carry materials to and from the worksite, as well as help with smaller tasks around each site.

“I know what my operating cost is and I know what our revenue is and there’s no way that we could do what we do without the machines,” says Winston. “You know, a lot of people would say I’m crazy for having three machines on one crew but like there are lots of times you’re using three of them at once. The results speak for themselves.”

That they do, as Winston and his crew breeze through project after project in the Ottawa region. They’ve even developed a reputation for being a crew that can quickly get any job done. Winston’s team comes into every project motivated and ready to push the pace without sacrificing any quality. Their matching t-shirts and helmets explain their mantra best; Frame Like A Pro.

“When I first got the Merlo Roto, everyone in the industry told me that I would be bankrupt in six months and that I couldn’t do it,” says Winston. “I wanted to be able to come onto any project and be the hired gun, and everyone said that wouldn’t fly. Look at us now.”

Surrounding Yourself With A Great Team

His team is young, motivated and extremely tight-knit. Thanks to the versatility and efficiency of their Merlo Roto, which is at the center of operations, Winston’s team can focus on the important parts of their job. Setting up walls, nailing floors into place and building balconies for residential buildings. He often says that he pays his team to fire nails, not carry lumber. They hate staying idle.

Another added benefit for Winston has been the relationship between himself and the Manulift team. When you work at such breakneck speeds, you need service that is going to be quick and get you back up and running as soon as possible. Manulift’s 24/7 service team is ready to help at a moment’s notice.

In the shadow of the Ottawa Senators’ Canadian Tire Center, Manulift decided to see for ourselves just how efficient Winston and his crew were. Needless to say that we left thoroughly impressed. Check out the full Winston The Framer testimonial below, and see how he Frames Like A Pro.

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