YSB Carpentry knew they wanted to make their employees’ lives easier going into 2021. The best way to do so? By adding three Merlo telehandlers to their fleet of course!

Based in Navan, Ontario (a 25-minute drive from Ottawa), YSB provides the Ottawa region with exceptional carpentry and framing services. The company already had two Merlo telehandlers in their fleet, a Roto 40.26 and Panoramic 50.18. Thanks to their high quality of work, YSB’s business is booming and they need to be more productive so they decided to add two P 50.17s and one Roto 50.35 to their operations.

YSB wanted to get these machines for their employees as an early Christmas gift, and Manulift made sure to make the delivery as special as possible by adding some holiday cheer to the machines.

“We at Manulift worked hard to get the machines ready to have them delivered as a Christmas gift,” said Jonathan Quintal, the Manulift Sales Director for Montreal. “It was important for us to do this right for our client.”

Yvan Bourdeau, president of YSB, was already convinced that adding machines would increase his productivity, he just needed to confirm between a 50.30 and 50.35 so he went to see Winston Miller, better known as Winston the Framer on Instagram. Winston is a Manulift ambassador who has changed the way framers use their telehandlers with his speed and knowledge of the machines. Once Yvan and his operator saw the extra reach and strength of the 50.35 they were convinced it was the model they needed to add to their fleet. 

By adding these machines to their operations, YSB knew that they would work more efficiently heading into the new year. With their business growing, these telehandlers are the perfect tools to help them expand their business and deal with their labour shortage. The resident Roto operator was especially ecstatic to get three new Merlos, and the rest of the employees were equally happy to get the chance to try the new machines out.

Check out our machine delivery video!

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